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Board of Directors


President: Noelle Mattock
Email: noellemattock@edhcsd.org
Term: December 2020 - December 2024 

Vice President: Sean Hansen
Email: seanhansen@edhcsd.org
Term: December 13, 2018 - December 8, 2022 

Director: Ben Paulsen
Email: benpaulsen@edhcsd.org
Term: December 2020 - December 2024 

Director: Allan Priest
Email: allanpriest@edhcsd.org
Term: December 13, 2018 - December 8, 2022 

Director: Michael Martinelli
Email: michaelmartinelli@edhcsd.org
Term: December 13, 2018 - December 8, 2022 

CSD Board of Directors Meetings

Regular CSD Board of Director meetings will be held on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 6:30 pm.  Unless otherwise advertised, all meetings are held in the Norm Rowett Pavilion Meeting Room located 1021 Harvard Way in El Dorado Hills.  These are public meetings and residents are encouraged to attend.  Matters to be presented at Board meetings are listed in an agenda prepared, in advance, by the General Manager. 

Regular Board Meeting Agendas are posted 72 hours (6:30 p.m. Monday) prior to the meeting being held pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.2 (a) (1) and Government Code Section 54956(a). An AGENDA in FINAL FORM is located in the kiosk in front of the District Office as well as each of the El Dorado Hills Fire Stations. Additionally, a copy of the FINAL AGENDA is available on the District's website at www.edhcsd.org. Support material is available for public inspection at the receptionist counter in the District Office. Sessions of the Board of Directors may be recorded and members of the audience are asked to step to the microphone and give their name and address before addressing the Board. For anyone having difficulty hearing, listening assistance headphones are available from the Board clerk. Communications from the public are encouraged. The Board of Directors may receive testimony and set matters for a subsequent meeting, however, state law prohibits the Board from addressing any items not previously included on the agenda. Board voting is done verbally and recorded by the Secretary of the Board in the meeting minutes.

General Elections
The next General Election for Board of Director occurs on November 2022.  For information on election procedures and deadlines, click here.
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