LLAD Advisory Committee

LLAD Advisory Committee
On December 08, 2022, the District's Board of Directors formed a new volunteer Citizens Advisory Committee for Landscape and Lighting Assessment Districts (LLADs) - known as the LLAD Advisory Committee. This community volunteer committee is comprised of a variety of residents in different LLADs within the District's boundaries. This committee has been charged with reviewing budgeted vs actual costs, discussing issues with underfunded LLADs, and becoming more informed with LLAD financials and intricate operations. Those on the Committee serve as a liaison between the LLAD community and the Board of Directors. Each member is appointed by the Board of Directors at a regular public meeting.

If you are interested or have any questions about the LLAD Advisory Committee, please complete the application (found in the link below), then click here to send it to Teri Gotro, Director of Administration & Finance.

Community LLAD Advisory Committee Application

LLAD Advisory Committee Agendas & Minutes


02/27/24 Agenda      
02/01/24 Agenda      

12/19/23 Agenda       Minutes      
11/30/23 Agenda       Minutes      
10/26/23 Agenda       Minutes      
10/03/23 Agenda       Minutes      
08/29/23 Agenda       Minutes      
08/22/23 RESCHEDULED TO 08/29/2023 Agenda      
07/25/23 Agenda       Minutes      
06/27/23 Agenda       Minutes      
05/23/23 Agenda       Minutes      
05/04/23 Agenda       Minutes      
03/28/23 Agenda       Minutes      
03/13/23 RESCHEDULED FROM 02/28/2023 Agenda       Minutes      
02/28/23 MEETING POSTPONED Agenda      
01/31/23 Agenda       Minutes