Central EDH Park Visioning

Central EDH Park Visioning (Former Executive Golf Course)

Updated 7/19/2024

The District has received the results from the First Community Survey! You can access the survey results in the PDF below:

first community survey results

Please be on the lookout for our initial concepts and the Second Community Survey. You can sign up for emailed Central EDH Park updates here!

Updated 7/10/2024

The El Dorado Hills Community Services District is excited to announce the launch of our community engagement survey for the Central EDH Park Visioning (former Executive Golf Course). The District wants to hear from you about the site's future development and is excited to partner again with the community to envision the future of this iconic property. Your participation will help us to create a community space that is both functional and enjoyable for everyone. 

This community survey is open from May 23, 2024, to June 23, 2024. At this point in the survey, we have reached out to local stakeholders, held two community outreach events, sent out a special newsletter to subscribers, and sent a postcard mailer to all El Dorado Hills homes. The District will move towards survey response analysis and creating concept development plans after June 23rd. The District has retained an outside consultant to assist with this project's planning and survey analysis. Following the creation of the initial concepts, there will be another online survey and additional community meetings later in the summer to refine the concept plans.

For more information, please contact the Community Engagement Team at centraledhpark@edhcsd.org
To read the official press release, see here.
To view the ownership map, see here

Central EDH Park Community Outreach Survey FAQs:

FAQ 01: How do I take the survey? 
A: The first survey is currently closed as of 6/23/24.
When survey #2 becomes available, you will be directed to
www.edhcsd.org/central or scanning the QR code.
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FAQ 02: When does this survey end? 
A: This is the first of two surveys and it will run through June 23rd. 

FAQ 03: Will there be another survey? 
A: Yes, this is the first survey to gather community feedback on general concept options for the Central EDH Park Visioning.  Based on the community input from the first survey, more defined concept plans will then be developed and circulated to the community in a second survey later this summer. 

FAQ 04: Where is the property? 
A: The Central EDH Park property is a portion of the old executive golf course located east of El Dorado Hills Blvd. on both sides of Serrano Parkway. 

FAQ 05: Are we providing input on levels of development or specific design options? 
A: Both. This survey has questions where residents can give input on their individual comfort level of development (none, low, medium, high) as well as the what type of recreational or community based elements they want to see on the property (community center, golf course, trails, sports fields, etc.) 

FAQ 06: What if I don't want anything developed on the land? 
A: Please fill out the options for that answer within the survey./

FAQ 07: Does the District own all of the former Executive Golf Course land?
A: The District acquired 55 acres of land and has an option to purchase the remaining 41.5 acres by July of 2025. 

FAQ 08: What is on the property right now? 
A: The Central EDH Park property currently contains open space, pre-existing pathways and trails, and the former clubhouse and parking lot. 

FAQ 09: How much did this 55-acre property cost, and how much will the second property cost? 
A: The District bought the first portion of the land outright for $10 million dollars. The second portion of land must be purchased by July of 2025 and will cost an estimated $9.9 million dollars.  

FAQ 10: Is the land going to be a golf course again? 
A: The final use of the property will be determined by the results of these surveys. The land will only contain golf elements if that is what the community wants and chooses through this outreach process. 

FAQ 11: How many people can take the survey before it closes?
A: We would like as many residents as possible to take this survey. Currently, the District has received 2,600 responses (as of June 23, 2024)

FAQ 12: How much is this going to cost?
A: Rough costs will be shared after the desired level of development and amenities are known, based on responses from the first survey. A second survey will be launched, and an additional open house will take place, which is when we will share more information.  

Updated 5/11/24

As of January 12, 2024, the District took ownership of 55 acres of the property informally known as the ‘Old Executive Golf Course’ and has 18 months from closing escrow to purchase the remaining 41.5 acres. In March, Some of those options include various types of funding, while other options may include public-private partnerships. One of several key factors in deciding on what financial route to take for acquiring the remaining portion of property will be what the community envisions for that open space.

During the time leading up to the acquisition of the property, the District held several community engagements to understand the community’s vision for that area of open space as an alternate to the then proposed housing development plan. Now that the open space has been protected and the District has acquired the first parcel and is working on the option property, it is important that we re-engage with the community to listen and collectively determine the future of this important central area of El Dorado Hills.

District staff engaged with two highly qualified companies to solicit proposals and estimates on an outreach plan and conceptual designs. Staff then presented options based on those initial proposals at the March 14, 2024, Regular Board meeting. Following the March 14th meeting, District staff met with each firm individually to explain the project in more specific detail and requested revised proposals incorporating the Board’s feedback.

The District received two revised proposals for assisting with an outreach plan, meetings, and conceptual drawings. The proposals received are from two consulting firms that have experience with this type of community engagement, and have worked with the District before, Stantec and Callander Associates.

Each consultant provided a detailed updated proposal that came in within $50 of each other. The deciding factor is that Stantec’s proposal includes several more Stakeholder Meetings (Three vs.Ten). Each consultant’s approach included two town hall meetings and two online surveys as well as several public meetings with the Board of Directors. Considering the proposals are very similar, staff are recommending Stantec because of the extra stakeholder meetings included in their proposal. The Board of Directors awarded the professional services contract to Stantec at the April 11, 2024 Board Meeting.

Upcoming Milestones:

Board Reviews Survey #1 Results/ Provides Design Direction - 07/11/2024 CSD Board Meeting
Develop concept plans from Survey #1 Results/Board Direction - 07/12/2024- 08/31/2024
Community Survey #2 - 9/3/2024 - 10/7/2024
Community Outreach on Designs - 9/3/2024 - 10/7/2024
Board to Review Survey #2 Results/Provide Design Direction - 10/10/2024 CSD Board Meeting 
Develop Final Concept Plan (using Board and Community Feedback) - 10/11/2024 - 11/8/2024
Presentation to Board of final concept plan - 11/14/2024 CSD Board Meeting
Board votes to approve Final Concept Plan/Community Final Comments - Future CSD Board Meeting

Completed Milestones:
June 24-July 9, 2024:
CSD Staff/Contractor review and summarize Survey #1 Results. 
June 23, 2024:
Survey #1 Concludes. 
June 15, 2024:
Community Open House #2 held in the Community Park Gym.
June 11, 2024: Community Open House #1 held in the Community Park Pavilion.
May 23, 2024:
Community Survey #1 Released - the first of two surveys and it will run through June 23rd. 
May 2-May 23: Ongoing staff and consultant communication to create branding, communications outreach, and provide feedback on drafts of Survey #1.
May 8, 2024: Outreach Survey Focus Meeting with Promise Foundation, consultants and CSD Staff.
May 2, 2024:
Meeting Kick-off meeting to begin drafting surveys and go over Project Scope with key CSD staff and Stantec consultants.
April 11, 2024 :
The District Board of Directors awarded professional services contract for outreach plans and conceptual designs to Stantec.
March 28, 2024: Ad hoc meeting with Board Directors Mattock and Paulsen with Interim General Manager Hornstra and Director Administration and Finance Gotro to review planning for the upcoming community engagement project. Robert Leach, President of West River Hotels provided an update on his development concept plans. 

March 14, 2024: Board of Directors provide direction to Staff at March Board meeting for funding and areas of focus for public engagement options .
January 12, 2024: As of January 12, 2024, the District took ownership of 55 acres of the property informally known as the ‘Old Executive Golf Course.

This webpage was created to provide information related to the El Dorado Hills voters' and property owners' support and priorities for the preservation and/or acquisition of the former Old Executive Golf Course.

To read more about the history and current proceedings of the Old Executive Golf Course, please see the District's 2022 Special Edition Guide. Please consider subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter to stay informed regarding ongoing news and updates. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram for new posts regarding this exciting acquisition. 

January 12, 2024 - El Dorado Hills Community Services District Closes Escrow on Purchase of Former Old Executive Golf Course

EL DORADO HILLS, CA – The El Dorado Hills Community Services District is happy to announce that escrow for the initial purchase of 55 acres on the old executive golf course has closed...

Read the full press release here

January 3, 2024 - Escrow Update

As outlined in the District’s agreement with Parker Development (Purchase and Sale Agreement), the original Escrow closing date was set for January 3, 2024. Upon further examination of the feasibility review requirements (Subsection 14.b), the “Feasibility Period” was established as 45 days from the effective date of the Purchase and Sale Agreement. The 45-day feasibility period will end on January 11, 2024, and therefore extends beyond the original escrow closing date of January 3, 2024. An amendment has been executed to extend the original closing date to align with the end of the feasibility period. The new effective closing date is January 12, 2024.