Village Green Park

Village Green Park
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Village Park (Pond & Playground)
Size: 10 acres
Year Opened: 1999
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Address: 4655 Serrano Parkway
 *Grassy Area and Gazebo are owned and operated by Parker Development.  Call 916-939-4060 for details.


  • Lawn Area
  • Native Oak Trees
  • Large Pond
  • Stream and Waterfalls (Recirculating)
  • Picnic Tables
  • Children's Play Structure
  • Walking Paths

Village Green Park is located at the corner of Silva Valley and Serrano Parkways. Many residents know this area as the entrance of the Serrano home development, and the headquarters of Parker Development Company.  It is less known that this property includes a 10-acre public park. All residents can enjoy the use of the large lawn areas, walking paths, pond area, picnic tables and play structure.

In the event you witness or find vandalism at this park, please call the CSD at 916-933-6624.