Park Rules

Park Rules


Per EDHCSD Policy 1140-1150

  • Sunrise to Sunset – Except by Permit
  • No Loitering – Violators will be prosecuted
  • Glass containers are not allowed in or on any CSD park or facility, including parking areas
  • All Dogs Must Be on Leash
  • No Amplified Sound
  • Drone Use by Permission Only
  • Vandalism - No modifying the park or trails without permission
  • Do not create new paths or jumps - modifying parks or trails without permission is vandalism

Park Specific Rules

  • No Open Containers at all athletic fields and Kalithea Park
  • Promontory Synthetic Field – No food or drink or dogs allowed
  • Kalithea – No alcohol, no tethering to trees

Skate Park Rules

  • Riders must check in and out with staff
  • Riders aged 17 and younger must have a helmet; 18 years and older will need to show ID or have a helmet
  • Please leave your skateboard or scooter with staff if you are using the restroom

Community Pool and Splash Pad Rules

View Pool Rules Here

Dog Park Rules

  • No small children – the dog park can be dangerous for small kids.
  • Remove your dog's leash, training collar, harness before entering the play yard.
  • Create space at the gate for incoming dogs – use your body to back up dogs at the gate so a new dog can enter peacefully.
  • Keep moving & keep watch – walk around the park, especially while your dog gets settled, to help keep dogs from overly crowding your dog.
  • Carry your leash in case you need it quickly – a leash comes in handy if your dog needs a "time out".
  • Interrupt "play" before it becomes a problem – learn what healthy dog play looks like. It should be balanced, with dogs taking turns chasing or wrestling.
  • Pick up poop – it spreads disease. Humans and dogs step in it.
  • Don't mix small and large dogs – not all large dogs are socialized with small dogs. This can be dangerous for the small dog.
  • Leave dog and human food at home – food is an extremely valuable resource to dogs and they may go to great lengths to acquire and defend it.
  • Know your dog: not every dog is a dog-park dog – the dog park is usually not fun or safe for un-spayed female dogs in heat, unneutered adult male dogs, senior dogs with pain or mobility issues, puppies younger than 4 months old, dogs that are reactive to humans or other dogs, extremely fearful dogs. The dog park is not the place to socialize un-socialized dogs. Work with a professional if you're unsure about your dog's sociability.