Park Picnic & Facility Rentals

Park Picnic & Facility Rentals

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At this time, requests for facility rentals in the Pavilion, Oak Knoll Clubhouse and the Gym are being reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please complete the Facility Rental Application and send it to

The following provides you with basic information you may need for your rental.
Rental Checklist
Once you have determined the location you would like to rent, you should make sure you have completed the:

For Facility Rentals, please download the application above and send it to Your application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

The District accepts Visa and Master Card. You may contact our office at (916) 933-6624 (press 0) with payment information.

Some things to consider before committing to bringing in a vendor for your event:
  • If electricity is required, then you want to make sure the vendor has a generator to provide their own power. You would need to check with your vendor on any costs associated with the use of a generator. Any costs associated with this are the renter's responsibility and not that of the District.
  • Placement of the item. If a vendor is bringing in an inflatable bounce house, those types of items are usually staked down for security. The District wants to make sure placement is correct to eliminate any problems of staking irrigation lines.
  • If the number of guests attending your event is significant, then you may want to consider renting port-a-potties and/or hand washing stations to accommodate the number of guests. The District will coordinate with the vendor on placement as the District does not allow vehicles on the turf area.
  • If the number of guests attending your event is significant, then the District may require security services.
Liability Insurance should be in the amount of $1,000,000 naming El Dorado Hills Community Services District as the certificate holder and as additional insured. Insurance may be arranged with your personal insurance company.
Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Permit is required when selling alcoholic beverages. The applicant is required to notify and obtain the permit from the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department at (530) 621-5655. Once a permit is obtained, the District requires a copy before the event takes place.
Health Permit is required when selling food products at an event open to the general public or when bringing in a vendor for a facility rental/park picnic area rental. To obtain a permit, contact El Dorado County Health Department at (530) 621-5300 or visit their website.

Food Trucks or Food Vendors for District Facility Rentals/Park Picnic Area Rentals
Food trucks are not allowed at Lake Forest Park.  
Requests for food truck usage or bringing in food vendors in coordination with a District Facility Rental Application or Park Rental Application require this supplemental application for each food truck for food vendor. This application is effective only for the event date(s) and location reserved. The fee for each food truck or food vendor will be $150.

The food truck vendor shall provide the following required documentation at least two (2)weeks prior to the event. Food truck vendors are expected to follow all rules and regulations set forth by El Dorado County and comply with all County Health Inspectors and their agents.

1. Business License
2. El Dorado County Health Permit
3. Food Safety Certification
4. Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming El Dorado Hills CSD as additional insured  

The District shall assign the food truck or food vendor, in its sole discretion, a designated space within the requested facility area for the event. Food Truck and food vendors are required to provide their own connections and power. The vendor shall not affix any personal property to District premises without the District’s prior written consent. The space provided to the Food Truck or food vendor must be left in the same condition at the end of the event as arrival. Vendors are expected to take their business’ trash with them at the end of the event.
Food Trucks may only sell food and non-alcoholic beverages.

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