Master Plan

El Dorado Hills Community Services District Master Plan

The District's Master Plan is shaped by the community, recreation trends and best practices, as well as past planning efforts including the 2016 Master Plan. While the Master Plan is not a policy it is a guiding document for parks, recreation and open space programming and development for the District.  The public engagement effort for the latest plan update evaluated whether the District's prior vision and goals were still reflective of community members' preferred direction for the District and responsive enough to accommodate emerging trends and issues.

CLICK HERE for the 2021 EDHCSD Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan
This 2021 Master Plan has been updated as of March 14, 2024 as follows:
- Corrections to calculations in Table 9 (pgs 76-78)
- Corrections to calculations in Appendix E (140-142)
See the Board of Directors Agenda Packet for further information.

Promote Health and Wellness
The District will continue to focus on health and wellness by expanding the trail network to encourage greater connectivity through walking and biking, improve park access, and promoting multi-generational spaces that will elevate health and wellness for a variety of users.

Communicate, Collaborate and Engage with District residents and stakeholders
This 2021 Master Plan places an emphasis on active, intentional communications and collaboration with those that use, participate in and care for the parks and recreation system in El Dorado Hills. The recommendations around this goal are created to increase the important relationship between the District, community members, and stakeholders; including the County, the school districts, and the El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation. 

Preserve and Promote Learning about Natural Areas
The 2016 community engagement process established preserving natural resources as a top priority for residents. This was re-stated from the residents and stakeholders with an underlining stress on including interpretatives that educate users on the importance of the natural resources. The previous policies to address water conservation and sustainability were also maintained.

Develop and Maintain State-of-the-Art Parks, Trails, and Recreation Facilities
Community engagement results continued to reveal that residents of El Dorado Hills value parks for their diverse features and their varied recreation functions. The Plan Update includes strategies to bring in more dynamic features throughout the system and increase flexibility in programming.

Engage and Connect the Community with Programs and Events
The desire to develop and maintain physical spaces for outdoor and recreation spaces was underscored with the need for more recreation programs and community events that addressed the program needs of specialized recreation groups like seniors, toddlers, teens and families. 

Maintain Financial Stability
The District is committed to achieving financial stability that will ensure future provision of high-quality parks and recreation services in El Dorado Hills. The Plan Update includes various strategies such as conducting financial feasibility studies for large-scale facilities, designing revenue-generating facilities, and other innovative approaches around maintenance and design of energy-efficient facility designs.

About MIG, Inc.

MIG, Inc, developed the 2016 El Dorado Hills Park and Recreation Facilities Master Plan and has updated the Plan to meet the needs of El Dorado Hills' dynamic and evolving community in 2020/2021. Over the last 30 years, MIG developed park and recreation master plans for more than 150 communities across the country. The team draws upon their national experience and local knowledge to develop the updated El Dorado Hills Park and Recreation Facilities Master Plan. MIG is headquartered in Berkeley with an office in Sacramento. The firm specializes in planning, community engagement, recreation, and park design.

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