Bass Lake Regional Park

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Updated as of 2/16/23

Bass Lake Regional Park Updates and Reminders
Fishing season opens on March 1, 2023, then closes for the month of April for Fish Spawning, and re-opens May through October. 

When you fish, you must follow the state laws. In addition, Bass Lake has its own rules.  There are a few reminders regarding the lake:
  • Encourage Barbless Hooks
  • Catch and Release
  • No Floating Craft

Additionally, dogs must be on leash and there are no bikes allowed on the trails.
If you have concerns during business hours (8:00 – 3:30), call (916) 933-6624. For concerns after hours call (916) 825-6690. If this is an issue related to Fish and Wildlife, please call the local California Department of Fish and Wildlife at (916) 358-2900.

Regular Season Schedule:

June 2022 Fishing Schedule

Active Volunteer Projects at Bass Lake Regional Park
Bat Boxes
Savannah's "Going Batty" Gold Award project is about educating the community on native bats, creating bat boxes out at Bass Lake Regional Park, and installing an interpretive sign with an explanation of bat box importance, and a list of native bat species. Next time you visit Bass Lake Regional Park the bat boxes should be installed, keep an eye out for the boxes and the interpretive sign which will have interactive QR codes relaying information about native bats.

Flora & Fauna Project
We are proud to partner with local Scouts like Kaitlin who identify a need and want to help serve the community through their project. Through a partnership with the District, Kaitlin Davey earned her Gold Scout Award by creating an informational website on birds and plants that can be found at Bass Lake Regional Park.

For park hours, activities, volunteering, & other opportunities  Bass Lake Regional Park FAQ

For more information about the Bass Lake (Regional) Park Project, click here.

Bass Lake History

Bass Lake is located off of Bass Lake Road north of Highway 50. Bass Lake was formerly known as American Reservoir and was an important part of the Gold Rush era flume/ditch systems in El Dorado County. Water was brought to the American Reservoir (Bass Lake) by a series of flumes/ditches to be used as a water resource for gold mining. From the mid-1850s to the late-1930s American Reservoir was owned by several different water companies that controlled the flumes. In 1938, James Nichol purchased the property to open Bass Lake Resort a local destination for recreation. In 1955, family of James Nichol sold the property to the Jannke family. In 1962, the first references to Bass Lake Dam appear in the State of California Department of Water Resources records. El Dorado Irrigation District purchased the property in 1969 and has owned the property since that time.

For more history of Bass Lake and the Gold Rush, we recommend reading "Bass Lake A Gold Rush Artifact" by John Thomson.

Park Information

Special Use Park
Size: 200+ acres
Year Opened: 1996 (Sellwood Field); 2020 Bass Lake Regional Park
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
(use by permit only)


The park currently features the CSD's only 300-foot baseball field with a competition/regulation soccer field overlay. Bass Lake Park, and Sellwood Field, are accessed via a small dirt road, located off of Serrano Parkway, just northwest of Bass Lake Road.

The fields are permit use only area. For permit information call 933-6624.


In the event you witness or find vandalism at this park, please call the CSD at 916-933-6624.