Architectural Control/ Design Review

Design Review Committee

Most villages in El Dorado Hills require Design Review Committee or Architectural Control Committee approval prior to performing improvements on the exterior of your home or building a new home. Submit a property improvement application prior to starting any exterior property improvement to avoid paying double fees. Property improvements involving the exterior of your home/property include, but are not limited to, windows, roofing, painting, landscaping, room addition, tree removal, fencing, walls, driveway extensions, flatwork, decks, patio covers, sheds, play structures, gazebos, solar, basketball hoops, etc.

DESIGN REVIEW & APPROVAL IS REQUIRED for most exterior property improvements and new home construction in El Dorado Hills.
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If your village CC&Rs are not reviewed by the EDHCSD then you will need to contact your HOA.
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CC&Rs for each village can be found here

Design Review Application Fees
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Solar Application $65.00

Property Improvement Application
Submit a Property Improvement Application for:
Tree Removal/Tree Limbing
Deck/Patios/Patio Covers
Fencing/Privacy Walls/Retaining Walls
Exterior Paint
Flatwork/RV Pad/Driveway Extensions/Sports Court
Shed/Gazebo/Arbor/Play Structures
Basketball Hoops/Goals/Batting Cages
Miscellaneous Projects

Landscaping Application $100.00
Pool Application $250.00
Room Addition or Remodel within existing Footprint
(No Change to Roofline)
Addition or Remodel with change in roofline & Sheds over 120 sqft $425.00
New Home $1,100.00
DRC Appeal $65.00
Encroachment Permit $75/occurrence; $500 deposit

Design Review Committee Application Process
In order to protect the health and welfare of our community and staff, we have changed the process for submission of Design Review applications until further notice:

  1. Design Review Committee meetings will be held via teleconference at least bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 8:00am. Deadlines for submission remain 4:00pm on Tuesday prior to the meeting to potentially be reviewed at the meeting.
  2. Electronic submission of applications and supporting materials is strongly desired as the District’s public counters are closed at this time. Please review the application requirements carefully to ensure you have met all of the requirements for submission.
  3. If you are unable to submit electronically, there is a drop box located at 1021 Harvard Way in front of the Pavilion
  4. Please contact the Registration Office with any questions at
When an application is listed on a DRC agenda, property owner and/or representative will be emailed a copy of the agenda.  Each applicant is encouraged, although not required, to attend the meeting in which his/her item will be reviewed.  If an application is “Held-Over,” applicant will be notified, by telephone or email, regarding outstanding items needed in order for the DRC to complete the review process and to make an informed decision.  Outstanding items are to be submitted by Tuesday prior to the next scheduled meeting, since applicants have 30 days from date of initial application to have their project approved or denied. Official Notices of Approval for property improvement items will be emailed to the property owner or authorized agent within two days following each DRC meeting.  Applicants must provide proof of DRC approval prior to being issued a permit by the County. It is the responsibility of the property owner to determine if County approval is required:  El Dorado County Building Department located at 2850 Fairlane Court, Building “C”, Placerville (530-621-5775). 

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