Parkview Heights Park

ParkView Heights Park

While we want the playground up-and-running too, there have been normal constraints, as well as constraints related to the playground providers' industry being impacted by production and delivery delays. Please hang in there as we sort through details and find the best solution possible. We will continue to work as quickly as possible while advocating for the safety and recreation needs of the community. 

September 2021:

  • The playground was damaged
  • The playground was inspected by an external Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI ) as well as the General Manager, who is also a CPSI. They deemed the playground as structurally compromised and needing replacement.
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End of 2021:

  • Insurance company notified the District that it would cover the total loss and replacement of the playground. 
  • Christmas & New Years Holiday period occurred. Many people are on holiday/vacation as well as out sick.

January 2022:

  • Quotes were requested from Miracle Playgrounds (a company utilized by the District for several parks). The turnaround for delivery was estimated to be September, 2022.

February 2022:

  • Miracle Playgrounds timeline was verified that replacement would not occur until September 2022.
  • The District contacted four manufacturing companies and obtained further quotes for playground replacement from Kompan and Ross Recreation. Kompan was the lowest bid received with an estimated timeline for installation of 11 weeks.
  • General Manager Loewen made the decision to move forward with Kompan and ordered the replacement playground equipment.
March 2022:

  • On March 10, 2022 the Board of Directors reviewed and approved the purchase of the new playground equipment.
Triple Tower Wackle Park View Heights

  • Park demolition has begun as we prepare for a new play structure.