Park & Facility Projects

Park & Facility Improvement Projects

Tree Replacement at Promontory Community Park:

The District recently removed 20 fruitless pear trees around Promontory Park. These trees began to show signs of a very contagious disease in trees called fire blight, which is becoming increasingly common in this variety of tree. In turn, the District has replanted 24 new trees, mostly shade and disease resistant trees, through the park. The tree planting included Scarlet Oaks, Tulip trees, Crepe Myrtles and October Glory Maple trees. 

Parks staff plan to begin turf repair where old tree wells were eliminated.
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Aeration in Parks and Athletic Fields:

Spring aeration has been complete and our fields can breathe again. Aeration enhances soil water and fertilizer uptake, reduced runoff and puddling, strengthens roots and reduces soil compaction. After the service is complete, small plugs are scattered on top of the turfs surface and are mulched in after mowing services are complete.  

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Josh Anderson Basketball Court Renovation:

Crack seal, repaint and restripe has been complete at the Josh Anderson Basketball Court at Community Park. Additionally, the installation of new signs and nets were complete to make for a more enjoyable experience for park visitors.
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Goats in EDH!

Weed abatement services in all District owned unimproved lots has been complete. This year, just like last, the District hired CAPRA Environmental Services to use goats in several parks and LLAD’s. The goats are environmentally friendly; eat almost anything including blackberries and poison oak, and bring families out to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature doing its part

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Stephen Harris Playground Fiber Installation:

Recently, the installation of new playground fiber at Stephen Harris Park was complete. The new playground fiber ensures a fun and safe surfacing for all. 
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Bertelsen Park Fire:

Due to the extensive damage sustained and the loss of power to the building, the water feature will remain closed for the 2021 season. Please visit our other water feature at Promontory Community Park located at 2700 Alexandra Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. A temporary restroom and hand wash station has been set up in the upper parking lot for park visitors to utilize during the building closure. A cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Keep your eye out for an opening of a new District park this year!