Park & Facility Projects

Capital Improvement Projects
Click on each link below for more information about the District's current capital improvement projects:
Bass Lake Regional Park
Heritage Village Park Project
Blackstone Village Park Project (Valley view)
Saratoga Trailhead, Open Space, Park, and Recreation Trail
Utility Corridor Trail & Trail Map
Parkview Heights Park
Proposed Bike Park

Park & Facility Improvement Projects
The projects listed below are more routine deferred maintenance projects.

New District Park Signs:

New Park signs were recently installed at Village Green Park, Overlook Park, Weisberg Park, and Fairchild Park. These are the first park signs in the District that showcase the District’s new logo.

newsigns         newsigns2

Parkview Heights Playground Renovation:
The new Parkview Heights Park Playground is now open! The park includes a brand new KOMPAN playground, park benches, and drinking fountain which features a bottle filler and dog bowl fountain.
 parkview  parkview2

Valley View Sports Park Bark Installation:
Applied Landscape Material blew in 300 yards of brown bark to the shrub/landscape areas around Valley View Sports Park. The work was completed within the day and although the parking lot was closed during the work, usage of the park was not impacted during the installation. 


New Playground Fiber Installed:

In March, new playground fiber was installed at both Bertelsen and Stephen Harris Parks.


Community Pool Scoreboard Restoration:

Just ahead of the summer swimming season, parks and facilities staff restored the pool scoreboard used for TAZ and ORHS swim meets and games. The structure of the scoreboard was electrostatically painted and new plexiglas panels were installed replacing the faded panels.

Before:                                                                                               After:
pic for the website

Stephen Harris Bark Project:

Park Maintenance Staff have completed a landscape enhancement project at Stephen Harris Park in the northwest parking lot which included the installation of 90 yards of bark just in time for spring sports and outdoor fun.


New Bottle Filler Drinking Fountains:
The Parks Department recently installed two new bottle filler drinking fountains at District sports fields. You can find these fountains at Community Park East Field and Deputy Jeff Mitchell Field. The District continues its effort to be more sustainable and these fountains help that cause by encouraging park goers to reduce, reuse and recycle their water bottle use. Look for more of these fountains in District parks in the future.

Governor Park Fountain Repair:
In December, the District’s Pond Maintenance contractor, Waterworks Aquatic Management, installed a new fountain in the upper pond at Governor Park after the previous fountain motor had gone out. The new fountain operates from 9am-5pm daily so be sure to stop by and check it out at 905 Governor Drive.

Parking Stall and Red Curb Painting at Promontory Park:
In October 2021, Sierra Striping completed the restriping and red curb painting at Promontory Community Park. This work was last completed three years ago but with the heavy traffic the park sees, the painting was needed once again. At this time, parking lot resurfacing was not completed due to the overall good condition of the lot.”



Valley View Playground Fiber:

In August 2021, Applied Landscape Materials installed new playground fiber in the Valley View Sports Park 5-12 year old and 2-5 year old playgrounds


Bass Lake B LLAD Bark, Lighting and Tree Installation:

Throughout the past year, the County of El Dorado has been completing a road re-alignment project which ultimately ended up reducing and changing the landscaping at the Bass Lake B LLAD (Madera Way and Bass Lake Road). With the county wrapping up their construction in July of 2021, the District moved in to begin replacing the landscaping which had been damaged or eliminated. You will now find newly installed lighting in the center median of Madera Way and on the “Woodridge” signs on the South and North sides, purple and pink Crape Myrtles trees as well as 144 yards of mahogany landscape bark. Minor work will continue in this areas by District staff over the next few weeks.”

Turf Repair:

Delta Blue Grass Company was on site in early August to complete turf repairs on District owned baseball infields at Community Park, Deputy Jeff Mitchell Field and Valley View Sports Park. The work occurred on normal wear areas from this year’s Little League season. The new turf needs just a couple of weeks to mature before the field are open once again.

Sellwood Field Road Grading:

In August, the District hired Thunder Mountain Enterprises to complete grading, drainage repair and a dust suppressant application on the Sellwood Field/Bass Lake Regional Park Road. Both Sellwood Field and Bass Lake Regional Park were closed while work occurred. Ultimately, this project was completed a day early which allowed park patrons back in the park sooner to continue their recreational activities.

Tree Replacement at Promontory Community Park:

The District recently removed 20 fruitless pear trees around Promontory Park. These trees began to show signs of a very contagious disease in trees called fire blight, which is becoming increasingly common in this variety of tree. In turn, the District has replanted 24 new trees, mostly shade and disease resistant trees, through the park. The tree planting included Scarlet Oaks, Tulip trees, Crepe Myrtles and October Glory Maple trees. 

Parks staff plan to begin turf repair where old tree wells were eliminated.
1 park

2 park

Josh Anderson Basketball Court Renovation:

Crack seal, repaint and restripe has been complete at the Josh Anderson Basketball Court at Community Park. Additionally, the installation of new signs and nets were complete to make for a more enjoyable experience for park visitors.
edh pic 2
edh pic 3

Stephen Harris Playground Fiber Installation:

Recently, the installation of new playground fiber at Stephen Harris Park was complete. The new playground fiber ensures a fun and safe surfacing for all. 
steve harris park

Bertelsen Park Fire:

Due to the extensive damage sustained and the loss of power to the building, the water feature will remain closed for the 2021 season. Please visit our other water feature at Promontory Community Park located at 2700 Alexandra Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. A temporary restroom and hand wash station has been set up in the upper parking lot for park visitors to utilize during the building closure. A cause of the fire is under investigation.

edh fire

Stephen Harris Bark Project:

Park Maintenance Staff have completed a landscape enhancement project at Stephen Harris Park in the northwest parking lot which included the installation of 90 yards of bark just in time for spring sports and outdoor fun.


Keep your eye out for an opening of a new District park this year!