Park & Facility Projects

Capital Improvement Projects
Click on each link below for more information about the District's current capital improvement projects:
Bass Lake Park
Blackstone Village Park Project (Valley view)
Heritage Village Park Project
Stephen Harris Park Renovation
Peter Bertelsen Park Renovation 
Saratoga Trailhead, Open Space, Park, and Recreation Trail
Utility Corridor Trail & Trail Map
Parkview Heights Park
Proposed Bike Park 

Park & Facility Improvement Projects
The projects listed below are more routine deferred maintenance projects.

Community Park Parking Lot Re-Striping:

As part of the District’s FY24 Deferred Maintenance project list, District contractors have restriped all stalls, accessible parking spaces, EV Charging stalls and fire lanes at Community Park.
Community Parking Lot restripingrestriping2

Waterford Park Landscape Bark Installation:

As part of the District’s FY24 Deferred Maintenance project list, Waterford Park received 100 yards of fresh landscape bark in early August.
waterfordparkbarkinstallation2  waterfordparkbarkinstallation

North Commercial LLAD LED Lighting Upgrade:

The District converted 19 metal halide light fixtures to LED fixtures at North Commercial LLAD between Highway 50 and Serrano Parkway on the east and west shoulders of El Dorado Hills BLVD. Ths project was completed with budgted funds in FY23.
NorthCommercialLLADLedupgrade2  NorthCommercialLLADLedupgrade

Creekside Greens LLAD/’Cresleigh El Dorado’ Sign Restoration:

As part of the District’s FY24 Deferred Maintenance project list, the ‘Cresleigh El Dorado’ village entry sign within Creekside Greens LLAD was restored. This sign is located at the intersection of Monte Verde Drive and White Rock Road.

Cres before

Cres after

Playground Fiber Installation:
  • As part of the District’s FY24 Deferred Maintenance project list, playground safety fiber has been installed at the following locations:
    • Fairchild Park
    • Laurel Oaks Park
    • Lake Forest Park
    • Community Park
    • Village Green Park
    • Valley View Park

Electrostatic Painting:
    • As part of the District’s FY24 Deferred Maintenance project list, several park fences and gates were electrostatically painted. Electrostatic painting is when a positive charged electron within the spray nozzle charges the paint particles then, because these particles all have a positive charge, they repel each other and break apart, resulting in a fine mist that coats evenly. The following locations received this specialized painting:
      • Overlook Park tubular steel fence
      • Hollow Oaks LLAD Emergency Road Gate
      • Oak Knoll handrails
      • Promontory Pipe Gates Park Parking Lot
ElectrostaticPainting1 ElectrostaticPainting2

Facility Painting:
    • As part of the District’s FY24 Deferred Maintenance project list, several facilities including the Teen Center exterior, Teen Center/Skate Park Restrooms, Stephen Harris Park Restroom Interior and Community Park North Restrooms have been given a fresh coat of paint. Some other locations that are scheduled for painting this Fiscal Year include…
      • Exterior Community Park CAB/GYM
      • Exterior of the Parks and Planning Building
      • ‘Cresleigh El Dorado’ neighborhood entry sign at Creekside Greens LLAD

Oak Knoll Park Clubhouse Painting and Gutter Installation

In July, the Clubhouse at Oak Knoll Park received a fresh coat of paint as well as a new gutter system, complete with gutter guards, that will help keep foreign debris, such as leaves, from entering and clogging the drain system.

Be on the lookout for other new fiscal year 2024 Deferred Maintenance projects coming to a park near you!

Oak Knoll Park Clubhouse Painting and Gutter InstallationOak Knoll Park Clubhouse painting and Gutter Installation 2

Heritage Park Bocce Ball Court Renovation:

In June, the crushed oyster shell bocce ball courts at Heritage Park were renovated to a synthetic grass surfacing, which is a more desirable surfacing for players of the sport. You can also visit our other bocce ball courts at Promontory Community Park and Lake Forest Park.

Oyster Shell Surfacing Removed:

Heritage Park Before

Finished Product:

Heritage Park After

Sod Repair at Community Park North and South Field:

In June, Parks Staff completed sod repair at Community Park North and South fields. This work was needed to replace worn sections of turf which commonly occurs due to heavy foot traffic and sports.

New 2023

Spring Sports Field Maintenance:

Each year, as we emerge from winter, District staff begin to concentrate their efforts on the rejuvenation of sports fields. During this time, staff complete aerating, fertilizing, weed treatments, top dressing, dethatching and any other projects to help maximize the playability and overall performance of the sports turf. This type of maintenance occurs through June as some fields, specifically at school sites, aren’t available for this maintenance to occur until after school is let out for summer break. The photo below shows top dressing in progress at Community Park in April.


Stonegate LLAD Concrete Project
In April 2023, District contractors removed and replaced sections of the concrete sidewalks at Stonegate LLAD along Silva Valley Parkway that posed a significant safety hazard for residents due to lifts that had occurred due to trees and other landscaping in the area. 
Stonegate LLAD concreteStonegate LLAD concrete2

Bertelsen Park Fire:

Due to the extensive damage sustained and the loss of power to the building, the water feature will remain closed indefinitely. Please visit our other water feature at Promontory Community Park located at 2700 Alexandra Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. A temporary restroom and hand wash station has been set up in the upper parking lot for park visitors to utilize during the building closure. A cause of the fire is under investigation.

edh fire



Keep your eye out for an opening of a new District park this year!