Park & Facility Projects

Capital Improvement Projects
Click on each link below for more information about the District's current capital improvement projects:
Bass Lake Regional Park
Blackstone Village Park Project (Valley view)
Heritage Village Park Project
Stephen Harris Park Renovation
Peter Bertelsen Park Renovation 
Saratoga Trailhead, Open Space, Park, and Recreation Trail
Utility Corridor Trail & Trail Map
Parkview Heights Park
Proposed Bike Park

Park & Facility Improvement Projects
The projects listed below are more routine deferred maintenance projects.

Murray Homestead Landscape Bark Installation:
In February, 278 yards of landscape bark was installed at Murray Homestead Park by Applied Landscape Material. This was a budgeted deferred maintenance project for Fiscal Year 2023.
Bark Being Placed at Murray Homestead
Murray Homestead after bark was installed

Community Park Dog Park Bark Replenishment:
In late January, the Community Park Dog Park received 375 yards of new playground fiber (bark). The replenishment of the bark material will help control dust and provide a fun playing surface for visitors of the park. 
Before bark replenishment
After Bark Replenishment

St. Andrews Village Sign Replacement:

Due to significant weathering, District staff have replaced the ‘St. Andrews Village’ entrance sign at the corner of St. Andrews Drive and Tam O’Shanter Drive. The new sign, designed and built by Parks Staff, has been treated with a high-quality stain that should help it last for many years to come.   


unnamed 2

Promontory Park Softball Field Turf Renovation:

In late 2022, Delta Blue Grass Company completed sod renovations on both the Adult and Girls’ softball fields at Promontory Community Park.


Creekside Greens Park LED Lighting Upgrade:

In an effort to improve security and modernize lighting, the District installed new LED light fixtures at Creekside Greens Park. These lights come with a motion activation sensor that when triggered will brighten up the area where motion has been detected. These motion sensors have become standard in renovation of existing light fixtures and are installed at new park sites such as the new Blackstone Park, which is slated to open in 2023


Village Green Park Plant and Bark Replenishment:

In December, the District’s contractor installed 117 new plants at Village Green Park. In January 2023, 400 yards of landscape bark will be installed throughout the park to complete the landscape improvement project.

Community Park Gym Floor Annual Maintenance:

As part of the annual maintenance of the gym floor in the CAB at the  El Dorado Hills Community Park, Boberg Hardwood Floors was on site in December to re-coat the flooring to preserve the surfacing. This work was completed between Christmas and New Year’s to limit the impact on scheduled use of the gym.


Community Park Playground Fiber Replenishment:

In December, Applied Landscape Materials installed new playground fiber (bark) to the 5-12 year old playground at the El Dorado Hills Community Park

Lake Forest Park Bark Installation:

In early fall, Applied Landscape Materials installed 160 yards of landscape bark at Lake Forest Park. This project was a budgeted Deferred Maintenance Project for Fiscal Year 2023.



Valley View Sports Park Parking Lot Re-Striping:

The parking lot at Valley View Sports Park has been re-striped for the first time since the park opened in 2015. The District also added much needed fire lanes to the parking lot entries to make the park more accessible in the case of an emergency.




Playground Fiber:

Playground fiber installation has been completed at the following locations:

  • Lake Forest Park
  • Murray Homestead Park
  • Fairchild Park
  • Kalithea Park
  • Village Green Park

Community Pool Low Dive Closed For Repairs:

  • The Community Pool Low Dive will be closed for the remainder of the season for repairs. The District is currently awaiting delivery of the needed parts.

Electrostatic Painting:

  • The tubular steel fencing around the grass and basketball court has been electrostatically painted at Windsor Point Park which helps to prolong the life of the fencing.
  • In the coming weeks, the same type of work will be occurring at Kalithea Park, Valley View Sports Park and Community Park Pool


New Sign at Bass Lake A LLAD

Last week, the dilapidated sign at Bass Lake A LLAD or otherwise known as "The Hills of El Dorado", which was original to the development's construction, had been replaced with an upgraded, vibrant and eye-catching sign.
IMG_6997 (1) IMG_7878

New District Park Signs:

New Park signs were recently installed at Village Green Park, Overlook Park, Weisberg Park, and Fairchild Park. These are the first park signs in the District that showcase the District’s new logo.

newsigns         newsigns2

Bertelsen Park Fire:

Due to the extensive damage sustained and the loss of power to the building, the water feature will remain closed indefinitely. Please visit our other water feature at Promontory Community Park located at 2700 Alexandra Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. A temporary restroom and hand wash station has been set up in the upper parking lot for park visitors to utilize during the building closure. A cause of the fire is under investigation.

edh fire



Keep your eye out for an opening of a new District park this year!