Youth Programs & Camps

Youth Programs & CAMPS
Adventure Zone Summer Camps & After School Program
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Dream Enrichment Summer Camps
Location: Oak Meadow Elementary School, MP Room

Early Engineers

It’s an adventure millions of years in the making: this summer, Early Engineers explores the exciting possibilities of digging deep into the STEMtastic world of dinosaurs! Using LEGOs, K’nex and more, campers will engage in maker challenges to learn fundamental science concepts, learn about the real-world science of paleontology, and design their very own Dino theme park attractions! Builders need only bring a lunch (nut-free), our innovative instructors will provide the rest. Don’t miss out!

Firefly Art
Join Firefly Art as we use step-by-step guided drawing to meet playful monkeys, giraffes, elephants, and other wild friends. Let’s explore the wonders of the animal kingdom in all its glory! Campers need only bring a nut-free lunch for feeding time; our certified instructors will provide all artist-quality supplies. Ready for special messy mixed-media projects like shaving cream-paint zebras, swinging chimpanzees, and clay polar bears? Join Firefly Art’s creative Zoo Adventure today!

Ahoy Matey! Join us for a fun-filled week pirate themed video game coding! We’ve got so much to teach your bright buccaneer! Using Scratch, we’ll learn how to create lists and randomize variables, resulting in a pirate flag that changes its colors and emblem at the touch of a button! Treasure hunt is serious business, so we need all hands on the deck to get our pirates to find their treasure. We’ll even make our very own controller and program it to communicate with our computer. Be sure to register soon, because it’s anchors away for this very special summer of HoneyCode!

Circuit Lab
Learning about electricity is a snap! Campers will use LEGOs and computers to receive hands-on experience in circuitry as they learn about electronics through snap circuits kits. These deceivingly simple kits are a safe, fun, and great way to learn about electricity. Kids will complete multiple projects that display the inner mechanics of electricity and will ultimately discover how electricity interacts with various gadgets to make them work!

Junior Robotics
Love Legos? Love using computers to make things happen? Then you are in luck. Campers will build and program LEGO robots to think, move, and react through a series of automation challenges. Campers use dedicated laptops and LEGO WEDO robotics kits to learn several aspects of engineering: automation, problem-solving, and programming. While LEGO robots remain at camp, photos of all robots and LEGO creations are presented at the end of the week, and project photos are sent home after camp.

Stop Motion Animation Camp
Are you prepared to embark on the greatest adventure ever seen in a galaxy long ago and far away? Using LEGO bricks, LEGO minifigures, and video-capture software, let’s bring your LEGO Star Wars dreams to life. Students will get a chance to express their creativity by developing stories with different Star Wars characters, backgrounds, and sounds! Together we’ll learn how to make characters move naturally on screen, how to add cool artificial sounds, bring in amazing galactic images into our movie, and even overlay explosions! Become one with the force and create amazing LEGO Star Wars Stop-Motion Animation Movies.

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Build & Code
Instructor: Mrs. K
Location: CSD, TEENZ Center
Build and Code for Younger Kids
Robotics puts fun into coding fundamentals and makes it a great experience to learn engineering concepts. But can they start in 1st grade? Yes. Today’s elementary students are tomorrow’s creative problem-solvers and this course will introduce STEM concepts using the LEGO WeDo and WeDo 2.0 robotics systems. Student teams will build LEGO models featuring motors and sensors and code using a graphical user interface. They have a variety of models to choose from and will build up to two models a day. (The students will NOT be able to take any of their LEGO creations). Let your child get a better understanding of STEM subjects while building 21st-century skills. Please bring a $20 material fee to first class.

Build, Code, and Play with the latest LEGO Mindstorms Robots
Robotics embodies experiential learning and students have fun learning engineering and coding concepts and the students will use the latest LEGO Mindstorms robots. This summer camp poses various game play challenges – following complex lines, sorting colored balls, wrestling sumo-bots and solving mazes, to name a few. The coding will involve advanced concepts like switch, loop and using sensors. These activities will challenge both experienced students and beginners alike. Student teams will build LEGO Mindstorms mobile robots and program them using a graphical user interface. (The students will NOT be able to take any of their LEGO creations). On the final day, students will showcase their competitive Sumo robots. This camp is designed to help students develop the 21st-century, creative-thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills required for success in school and beyond. Let your child have fun while getting a head start in engineering and robotics. Please bring a $20 material fee to first class.
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Mad Science Camps
Location: William Brooks Elementary, Gym

Mad Labs

Come to the Mad Lab and go scientifically bonkers with a super cool variety of science topics. In Radical Reactions you’ll create gases, control chemical reactions and even generate power - with chemicals! In Chemical Counting you’ll see awesome chemical magic, build model molecules and electroplate coins! In Cell City you’ll build models of the inner machinery of cells, unravel DNA and break a secret code. In Birds and the Beasts you’ll examine bugs and birds and even what they just ate - yuck! In Organ Trail you’ll learn about the amazing YOU from the inside out - from bones to brains to heart and lungs and more!

Detective Madness
Like to solve mysteries? Crack the case? You will step into the shoes of a real detective. Use science to uncover evidence and analyze the hidden secrets of a case. Put cool sleuthing tools and proven forensic techniques to work and unravel mysteries that would stump even Sherlock Holmes! Ok, well maybe they would fool your brother. But they’d be CRAZY to think they can fool Detective You!

Eureka! The Inventor's Camp
Be inspired by the most famous inventors in history - Ben Franklin, the Wright Brothers, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rube Goldberg! - and create your OWN inventions! Use their techniques to break through a series of modern day challenges. You will learn how to invent solutions to problems and make them come to life, just like these legendary innovators did. Construct catapults and forts, design underwater vehicles, build a mini-amplifier, and assemble a working lightsaber to take home. Thomas Edison said invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, but this camp is 100% fun.

Science Rockstars
Get ready to rock with science and wow the crowd with cool potions and chemical reactions. Grow your own crystals, make sidewalk chalk, and a chromatography t-shirt to keep. Picture yourself on stage as Sir Isaac Newton as we experiment with inertia and gravity and learn what football players, ballet dancers and scientists have in common. Explore how equipment and movement work together to help you enjoy your favorite sports. Then learn all about visual effects in photography and movie-making as we examine how cameras work, how film captures light and stores images, and how filmmakers make images move. Finally, go mad with structures and machines as you build a geodesic dome you can sit inside. Discover how simple machines such as pulleys, wedges, screws and levers make our lives easier and then build a catapult to keep.

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Fashion Camp
Creatives will not only learn foundational skills in the field of fashion such as design from original inspiration, draping, fashion sketching, machine sewing and portfolio presentation, but instructor Jaleh Naasz, MFA will also infuse important topics from her research and teaching at California State University, Sacramento such as sustainability and positive body image into the fun daily activities.  All skill levels are welcome as projects will be determined based on individual experience. Students will be grouped by grade so they can network with local design focused friends their age and enjoy their time at fashion camp. Please bring $35 material fee to cover everything we do in camp. No supplies or parent work required.
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Summer Dance Camp
Location: El Dorado Dance Academy South
Learn dance technique have fun making new friends and great memories, learning different styles of dance including Ballet/Lyrical, Hip-Hop/Jazz, and Musical Theater! Dancers of all levels are welcome and will have 
a chance to perform what they have learned in our mini showcase at the end of the week. All Summer Camp will culminate in an exciting “In House Performance” on Thursday 12pm. Bring cameras and flowers!
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Chess Camp
Location: CSD, TEENZ Center
Develop your understanding of the King of Games. Perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their skills. Chess is fun and exciting with benefits that go beyond the board itself.
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Child & Babysitting Safety
A course for building a safe and successful babysitting business. Covers getting started, leadership, caregiving, safety & prevention, playtime, and first aid tips. No CPR training in this class, see Babysitting CPR. Participation card received.
Please bring $10 material fee payable at class. Cash only.

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Babysitting CPR

Teaches child & infant CPR. No certification card is issued for this class - participation card only.
Please bring a $5 material fee payable at class. Cash only.

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Grades Pre K - 12th
Kumon of El Dorado Hills Town Center is committed to providing support to students needing enrichment or assistance with Math and Reading skills. Monthly programs available. Please call (916) 467-6151 for an orientation appointment prior to enrollment.

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Month-Long Math Workouts
Twelve 2-hour workout sessions bring the first week of each month, scheduled at student convenience. Individual custom curriculum based on detailed assessment of math skills. Expert one-on-one instruction provided at the Learning Center. Perfect for catching up or staying ahead of grade level. Material Fee: $190 (waived with prior Mathnasium assessment).

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El Dorado Dance Academy

Pre-School & Youth Dance Classes!  Please call ahead for dress code at (916)933-0034 or click here.
Students 3 years old and older will be required to wear a mask while attending classes at El Dorado Dance Academy.

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Cooking with Kids
Calling all Little Chefs! Join us in the kitchen where we will explore the culinary world through a child's eyes. We work with all fresh/organic ingredients and eat or share our creations. Class features nutrition, kitchen safety and new menus each session. Please bring $45 material fee to first class. 

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The District also offers exceptional Youth Sports Programs

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