Youth Programs

Adventure Zone Camps
When school is out Adventure Zone is OPEN! Join us for a week filled with exciting games, friendly competitions, creative arts & crafts, movies, and other fun activities.

Fashion Camp
All levels welcome, projects will be designated after sewing assessment allowing for beginners to focus on gaining confidence and intermediate students the flexibility to create their own designs based on their skill level. Students will practice creative design from original inspiration, fashion sketching, machine sewing and portfolio presentation. Please bring $35 material fee to cover everything we do in camp, no supplies or parent work required.
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Child & Babysitting Safety

A course for building a safe and successful babysitting business. Covers getting started, leadership, caregiving, safety & prevention, playtime, and first aid tips. No CPR training in this class, see Babysitting CPR. Participation card received.
Please bring $10 material fee payable at class. Cash only.

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Babysitting CPR

Teaches child & infant CPR. No certification card is issued for this class - participation card only.
Please bring a $5 material fee payable at class. Cash only.

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Camps offered through Dream Enrichment

HoneyCode Jr.
June 14th - June 18th
Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm
Oak Knoll Clubhouse, 3371 Alyssum Circle
Ages 6-7
We have so much to teach your aspiring coder! Jr. Coders will tackle the building blocks of coding through bots and apps so that our junior coders can smoothly transition to higher level of coding easily. They will learn the fundamentals of coding and algorithms through fun and engaging projects on Scratch Jr.! Coding does not always have to happen on laptops and tablets. So we are happy to say that we have unplugged activities planned for each day where kids will still keep their coder hat on, just off the screen. What more! We have plenty of fun games entwined in the camp to keep our junior coders engaged and active. We hope you can join us for this action-packed intro to the coding course. Campers need only bring a lunch (nut-free); we will supply the rest.

HoneyCode Intermediate
June 14th - June 18th
Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm
Oak Knoll Clubhouse, 3371 Alyssum Circle
Ages 8-12
Join us as we learn to program our own video games! Coding is the second language every child must learn. Did you know that 71% of all new STEM jobs are in computing? Join us as we learn to code our own video games! It is the perfect camp to learn the basics and intermediate concepts of game design. Students will advance to a level where they will be able to work independently and code a video game of their own design. Game goals include understanding blocks, loops, sensors, lists, broadcast, variables, and so many more building blocks of game design. Build multi-player games, multi-level games, learn how to code gravity, velocity and other gaming concepts to create any game you can dream of. Sky is the limit.

Early Engineers
June 21st - June 25th
Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm
Oak Knoll Clubhouse, 3371 Alyssum Circle
Join us as we explore the engineering behind amusement parks! Become an imagineer as you get hands-on experience with the engineering secrets of your favorite amusement park rides! Construct your own mini roller coasters, merry go round, water rides, and many other rides that spin, sway, loop, pull, bounce, and twirl! Build your own game booths to help hone creativity and critical thinking. Find out what goes on in the design of an amusement park. We will have fun designing and building your own mini theme-park!

Stop Motion Animation
July 12th - July 16th
Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm
Oak Knoll Clubhouse, 3371 Alyssum Circle
Get your wands out and brush up on your spells. We are going to Hogwarts this summer. Campers will use LEGO bricks, LEGO mini-figures, and video-capture software to script scenes, express their creativity by developing stories with their favorite wizarding world characters, such as Harry Potter, Hermoine, Ron, and others, and watch their movie come to life. Together we'll learn how to make characters move naturally on screen, how to add cool artificial sounds, overlay explosions, use chromakey, and so many other features of stop motion! Stop Motion movies produced at camp will be emailed home to share with friends and family after the camp is done.

Jr. Robotics Camp
June 28th - July 2nd
Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm
Shift your child’s love of LEGO into the next gear! Does your child love legos? Have you ever wondered how to channel this love into coding to expand their field of interest? Look no further. Our Jr. Robotics campers will build and program LEGO robots to think, move, and react through a series of automation challenges. Campers use dedicated laptops and LEGO WEDO robotics kits to learn several aspects of engineering: automation, problem solving, and programming. While LEGO robots remain at camp, photos of all robots and LEGO creations are presented at the end of the week, and project photos are sent home after camp.

Firefly Art
July 19th - July 23rd
Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm
Oak Knoll Clubhouse, 3371 Alyssum Circle
The Circus is coming to town! Just for you! Congrats! You've won the golden ticket and you're on your way to explore MR. BARNUM’S FANTASTIC CIRCUS! Our enthusiastic circus friends are putting up a special show, just for you. Whether they walk the tight rope or handle the bars with ease, we will capture every moment of excitement in our art projects. Our performers are all bursting with excitement to show you what you are capable of when you just let your ideas flow. Let’s go join the fun!

Chess Academy
Come discover the legendary game of chess and engage in a rich learning process that can help improve memory, focus, and patience. Together we’ll master openings, endgames, strategy, and tactics. The question is not whether you want your child to be good at chess, but if you want your child to develop the skills they need to achieve
their future educational goals. Our proven class structure helps children learn and enjoy chess in a fun-filled environment. In our online version of Chess, we bring to you the same great instructors from our on-site classes who are excited to lead the class with some instruction time and some game playtime.

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Firefly Art

Grades K - 5th
In our online version of Firefly Art, we bring to you the same great instructors and aspiring artists who are excited to coach you along with step by step narration in a live class with low teacher-student ratio of 1:10. We are super proud of our kid’s talent, creativity, and courage, which is why, show and tell is always a part of our every online class. Join us and find out why our projects have been attested as child-friendly and super fun by many happy parents. Dabble in many different varieties of paint media, mixed media, and project variations along the way. What more! We also provide all supplies for FREE and ship them to your home for FREE.

Register through Dream Enrichment directly here or call (916) 419-7644.


Grades Pre K - 12th
Kumon of El Dorado Hills Town Center is committed to providing support to students needing enrichment or assistance with Math and Reading skills. Monthly programs available. Please call (916) 467-6151 for an orientation appointment prior to enrollment.

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Month-Long Math Workouts
Twelve 2-hour workout sessions bring the first week of each month, scheduled at student convenience. Individual custom curriculum based on detailed assessment of math skills. Expert one-on-one instruction provided at the Learning Center. Perfect for catching up or staying ahead of grade level. Material Fee: $190 (waived with prior Mathnasium assessment).

High School Math (Includes SAT/ACT Prep)

Twelve 2-hour workout sessions bring the first week of each month, scheduled at student convenience. Individual custom curriculum based on detailed assessment of math skills. Expert one-on-one instruction provided at the Learning Center. Multiple practice tests supervised by Mathnasium instructors. Perfect preparation for standardized math testing. Material Fee: $190 (waived with prior Mathnasium assessment).

Mathnasium Summer Readiness Camp
Student can work out for 24 days, June through August only; days may be taken at student’s discretion; ideal for students who have summer vacation plans but also wish to prepare for the following school year. Assessment and registration included in price for program.

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El Dorado Dance Academy

El Dorado Dance Academy is offering classes via Zoom or in person. If you wish to attend an in person class you will need to register through El Dorado Dance Academy directly (916) 933-0034 or click here. All registrations through EDHCSD will be offered via Zoom.

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Paint and Splash
Come join us for a fun afternoon of painting. This instructional class is great for 8-12 year olds. All materials provided in this socially distanced class. Please wear your mask or shield for your added protection. We look forward to seeing you at the community center. All materials are included. Preregistration is necessary.
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Cooking with Kids

Calling all Little Chefs! Join us in the kitchen where we will explore the culinary world through a child's eyes. We work with all fresh/organic ingredients and eat or share our creations. Class features nutrition, kitchen safety adn new menus each session. Please bring $35 material fee to first class. 

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After School Program
Grades K-5th

Adventure Zone is operated by the El Dorado Hills CSD Recreation Department with the purpose to provide a safe, caring, and enriching environment for your child after school.

A variety of age-appropriate, and integrated activities will be provided under the guidance of trained personnel. Children are encouraged to be actively involved so that they develop social skills and learn to make responsible choices within the program's structure. District staff provides the children with a variety of opportunities to participate in art, science, and outdoor activities as well as time for homework and fun.

Adventure Zone will also include use of a highly secure online emergency network called ePACT, which collects medical and emergency information for all participants, eliminating the use of paper forms. Using ePACT means staff will be better prepared to deal with any emergency, big or small as well as more accurate, up-to-date, and legible information over the paper forms we’ve used in the past. Because it is web-based, staff and parents can securely access the system via smartphone, tablet, or computer, so it’s always accessible whether at the park or during a field trip.

More information to come soon.

How Can I Register?
Registration will operate similar to 2020 Summer Camp, where El Dorado Hills residents have the opportunity to register on a first-come, first-served basis for beginning Wednesday, July 29, at 6:00 pm. Waitlist registration will open online for Kinder through 5th grade, and families only need to register ONE person from their family to the waitlist. Our staff will call residents back in waitlist order the following day, Thursday, July 30, 2020, to add additional family members, gather all registration information, and payment for the first week. Non-residents may register for the program beginning August 14, 2020.

A waitlist for other grades will be accepted, with the expectation to fill additional needs as demand, and appropriate staffing is acquired.

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Hours & Dates:
Monday-Friday, 2pm-6pm. 
We open early for all scheduled BUSD & RUSD early release/minimum days.

OPEN 8AM-6PM: 10/5, 1/15, 3/15
CLOSED: 9/7, 10/12, 11/11, 11/26-11/27, 12/24-1/1, 1/18, 2/15, 5/31.

Please Note: The after school program, Adventure Zone, will not follow the previous hourly fee structure. Tuition will be a weekly rate of $95, and families will need to commit to being in the program the entire semester (August 2020 through December 2020).

Adventure Zone Tutition Agreement

The weekly schedule will follow the timeline below, and scheduled activities are subject to change.
2:00-2:45 pm Free Time/Activities (Schools are released at different times; please refer to your child’s school bell schedule for exact times).
2:45-3:30 pm Quiet Time (Homework, Reading or Writing)
3:30-3:45 pm Snack time (Not provided by CSD)
3:45-5:00 pm Group Activities
5:00-6:00 pm Free Time

Partipants in Adventure Zone will need to bring a healthy ready-to-eat snack each day and a lunch.

Buckeye Union School District and Rescue Union School District provide buses from Oak Meadow, Silva Valley, William Brooks, Lakeview, and Jackson!  An Adventure Zone staff member will meet the bus in the CSD parking lot to greet your child after school.
(Please note: A bus pass must be purchased from your school district's transportation department.)

BUSD Transportation:
RUSD Transportation:

The District also offers exceptional Youth Sports Programs.
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