Teen Programs

Teen Center Update!
6th Grade - 12th Grade
2pm-6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
1:15pm - 6pm Wednesday

Online Registration & More Information

Teen Center registration is now open! If you are looking for something to do after school, then the Teen Center is the place to be! Come hang out with your friends, get your homework done in our computer lab, shoot some pool, play air hockey, or use one of our many consoles to play your favorite video game. The Teen Center staff are well trained, providing a fun and safe environment for everyone who attends. Staff will also be able to provide help with homework. Face masks are required to be worn inside the Teen Center.

We are open early for Marina Village and Rolling Hills Middle School early release days. 

Cost $15/month (membership is not prorated) for a limited time and membership must be paid in advance to attend.

Teen Center will also include the use of a highly secure online emergency network called ePACT, which collects medical and emergency information for all participants, eliminating the use of paper forms. Using ePACT means staff will be better prepared to deal with any emergency, big or small as well as more accurate, up-to-date, and legible information over the paper forms we’ve used in the past. Because it is web-based, staff and parents can securely access the system via smartphone, tablet, or computer, so it’s always accessible whether at the park or during a field trip.

Teen Center Fooz Ball & Lounge  Teen Center Pool Table & Long Shot

Teen Center Computer Lab  Teen Center Air Hockey

NEOS Interactive Fun

Check out our cool playground equipment next to the Teen Center. It's the perfect bridge between electronics and being outside enjoying nature. NEOS combines the speed and fun of electronic games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise to create the most exciting playground ever to hit your playspace. Playing NEOS delivers a workout comparable to jogging or playing soccer, raising heart rates by an average of 20%. NEOS comes in three widely fun options and gets everybody off the sofa and into the great outdoors. And in the fight against obesity, NEOS disguises heart-pounding exercise as pure, unadulterated fun. NEOS is not currently available to the public at this time.


Did You Know?
The Promontory Park picnic area can be reserved for parties.