Aquatics Activities
Taz Spring Swim Clinic
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Lap Swim (aka Masters Swim)
Ages 16+
Location: Community Pool
Wednesday & Friday (Mondays have been cancelled due to staffing shortages)
5:30am - 7:00am
A great full body workout!
Create your own or follow the posted workout. Pull buoys and kick boards are available for use.
This program must have a minimum of 10 participants.

Taz Fall Swim Clinic

Registration Start Dates
8/22 for Residents
9/5 for Non-Residents

Ages 5-18
Location: Community Pool

Join us for Fall Swim Clinic which will focus on stroke technique.  Sign up for the level that meets your child's swimming ability.  Coaches may move swimmers to a different level if necessary.  Lessons will be held rain or shine.  No make-ups.

Level 1 (ages 5-9)
Swimmers with little or no swim team experience and a novice in freestyle and backstroke.  Must be able to swim 25 yards (1 length of the pool) of freestyle unassisted.
Level 2 (ages 6-10) Swimmers with limited swim team experience, proficient at freestyle and backstroke, and a novice at breaststroke and butterfly.
Level 3 (Ages 9-18) Swimmers must be proficient at all four (4) strokes (backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke & butterfly).  This level will focus on advanced techniques and endurance of each stroke.

Please follow the link below to see more details on the focus of each week per level.
Taz Fall Clinic