CSD Master Plan Update 2015-2016

There truly is no better title for our organization, with such a strong, dedicated commitment of service to the community, than the El Dorado Hills Community Services District.  Since 1962 the El Dorado Hills CSD has been known and respected for its exceptional quality of parks and recreation services. As evident with the number of new rooftops across the local landscape, growing neighborhoods and businesses are bringing with them a healthy outlook towards important quality of life issues that characterize El Dorado Hills as a very special place to call home.

You may have heard the adage, "Without vision, the people perish." Well, if the level of public involvement and voices of the community are any indicators of the evolving, shared vision of the future for El Dorado Hills, then this community has great staying power. When the El Dorado Hills CSD Board of Directors resolved to begin the process of updating the CSD's Master Plan for Parks and Recreation Facilities, they strategically began with an extensive and proactively inclusive Recreation Needs Assessment. With the input from a variety of intercept surveys, conducted at numerous special events, focus groups, stakeholder and online surveys, and several public workshops, a compilation of prioritized community recreational needs was created.

The previous CSD Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan, that was completed in 2007, was in need of revisions and updating to better reflect the changing demographics of El Dorado Hills over the past decade. As was clearly identified by participants in the surveys, trails and bikeways once again ranked at the top as the most important recreational development need for the CSD to focus upon in future planning and capital improvements. Parks and open space also play an integral part of the values and community fabric of El Dorado Hills. In all proposed development plans that guide the future growth towards "build-out" of El Dorado Hills, specific requirements are imposed to assure that residents will have quality park and recreation facilities that are accessible, well-designed and reflective of the demographic needs of the community. A great emphasis is placed upon parkland dedication and attention to open space in the development process. As a result, El Dorado Hills is a showcase of beautiful neighborhoods, villages and community parks, open spaces, greenways, protected streams and impressive landscaping.

Highly valued parks and recreation programs are provided through the efforts of the CSD's Recreation Department. Serving about 43,862 residents, the CSD currently operates 27 parks encompassing over 280 acres, providing a full-range of facilities for residents including playgrounds, picnic facilities, tennis, basketball and bocce ball.

The El Dorado Hills Community Services District (CSD) is pleased to present the Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan. See HERE! 


Project Description

The El Dorado Hills Community Service District is updating its Park and Recreation Facilities Master Plan. The planning process is assessing the changes in El Dorado Hills since the completion of the 2007 Plan and will update the Plan to meet the needs of the evolving community and changing landscape. The Plan will consider the capacity of existing recreation facilities, existing and projected facility demands and will identify opportunities for expansion, new uses and programs, and improved access and connections. Input from community members is essential to the planning process. The resulting Plan will guide the creation and maintenance of park and recreation spaces that support the health and well-being of El Dorado Hills community members and environment.


Stakeholder Involvement

On January 28, MIG presented the Draft Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan to the CSD's Board of Directors and community members. Participants worked in small groups to provide feedback regarding existing and future park facilities. Click here to participate in the same exercise https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/edhparkrecplan



About MIG, Inc.

MIG, Inc, developed the existing 2007 El Dorado Hills Park and Recreation Facilities Master Plan and is excited to update the Plan to meet the needs of El Dorado Hills' dynamic and evolving community. Over the last 30 years, MIG developed park and recreation master plans for more than 150 communities across the country. The team draws upon their national experience and local knowledge to develop the updated El Dorado Hills Park and Recreation Facilities Master Plan. MIG is headquartered in Berkeley with an office in Sacramento. The firm specializes in planning, community engagement, recreation, and park design.