Landscape Lighting Assessment Districts (LLADs)

Landscape Lighting Assessment Districts (LLADs)
Source of Authority
The El Dorado Hills Community Services District is authorized as a local agency pursuant to the Streets and Highways Code of the State of California, commonly known as the Landscape and Lighting Act of 1972, to create assessment districts. 

General Benefits vs. Specific Benefits

Proposition 218 requires agencies levying a benefit assessment to separate the general benefits from the special benefits to ensure that property owners subject to the benefit assessment are not paying for general benefits.  An assessment can fund special benefits but cannot fund general benefits. The general benefits for the assessments have been explicitly calculated and quantified and excluded from the assessments as described in the engineer’s report. The assessments have been apportioned to each property based on proportional special benefit received by each property.  The General Fund is contributing to the budget of each LLAD to cover any general benefits.


The goal of Assessment Districts is to provide funds for maintenance, repair, and replacement of identified assets; including providing services, utilities and capital improvements associated with landscape medians, corridors, entrances, and parks. The work is anticipated to specifically enhance the environment and economic value of those properties located with the assessment district. The District’s responsibilities include the maintenance and repair of all improvements provided by the assessment districts, with services including, but not limited to: buildings, park facilities, landscapes, irrigation systems, lighting, fences, walls and signs. Mowing, pruning, blowing, and weed abatement is currently contracted to private firm(s).


The assessments districts are funded through assessments levied on parcels, the general benefit that is provided by the District General Fund, and from any interest income. The assessments levied directly benefit the real properties assessed. The District is in compliance with all laws and regulations, including Proposition 218, with respect to the assessments levied through the assessment district. The assessment revenue is billed and collected by El Dorado County in December and April of each year.

Resolution 2021-05 - Approving Preliminary Engineers Reports Declaring Its Intention to Continue FY2021-22 Annual Assessments (5/13/2021)

There are several underfunded assessment districts that do not have an annual assessment inflationary factor or are funded at a greater amount by the General Fund. 
LLADs actual levy as a percentage of maximum levy

LLAD Information

Bass Lake A
Green Valley Hills
La Cresta