Waterford Park

Type: Neighborhood Park
Size: 1.15 acres
Year Opened: 1992
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Waterford Park is at the corner of Carnelian Circle and Bairdsley Place in Waterford Village.


  • Lawn Area
  • Picnic Tables
  • Water Fountain
  • Children's Play Structure

Park History

On January 14, 1988, Norm Rowett, then President of the El Dorado Hills Community Services District Board of Directors, sent a letter to the Honorable Pat Lowe, Chairperson of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, approving the location of a proposed park site for Waterford, Unit 3.

In Resolution No. 03-1988, which was passed and adopted on February 18, 1988, the El Dorado Hills CSD accepted the conveyance of the 1.15-acre park site from developer, Southfork Partnership. A Grant Deed for this “mini-park site” was recorded in El Dorado County on March 17, 1988.

At the April 11, 1991 board meeting landscape architect, Craig Park, showed the April 1988 preliminary design of the site commissioned by Coker Ewing. At an April 20 Public Forum, Waterford Village residents voiced their opinion on the plans, workshops were conducted and alternate designs were developed. There were many discussions on the CSD construction budget, obtaining water from EID, and whether or not to put up a fence.

In October 1991 the Board decided to reject all bids because the prices were too high. The park was re-bid without play equipment, which brought the project within budget. A second call for bids went out on November 20, 1991, and five bids were received. At the January 9, 1992 meeting the Board approved the bid from Joe Vicini, Inc. in the amount of $72,131 for construction of Waterford Park. Park construction was completed in early July 1992.

In 1995 residents raised $8,000, which was matched by the CSD, for the purchase and installation of a children's play structure.

In the event you witness or find vandalism at this park, please call the CSD at 916-933-6624.