The District’s first Trail Map is here! The Trail Map and Pocket Guide is folded to fit into your pocket and highlights the publicly accessible paths, trails and bikeways within the El Dorado Hills CSD boundary. Specifically, it maps the paved and unpaved public trails, and the Class I, II, and III Bikeways. It also includes the Serrano maintained publicly accessible unpaved trails, which we received permission to map. The goal of the map is to show the locations and the connectivity between trails to assist you with outdoor recreation and connecting to other community destinations. You can map out your next hike, walk, or ride using the pocket guide and keep it with you while you explore. 

You can download the Trail Map Pocket Guide by clicking the image below. You can now pick up printed Trail Map Pocket Guides for free at the Resident Services Office at the El Dorado Hills Community Services District located at 1021 Harvard Way.

Trail map image  Click the image to download the map.


Bikeway Classification
Class I - Include bikeways or bike paths with an exclusive right of way for bicyclists and pedestrians, away from the roadway and with cross flows by motor traffic minimized.

Class II - Include bikeways with established bike lanes along streets that are defined by pavement striping and signage to delineate a portion of the roadway for bicycle travel. Bike lanes are one-way facilities, typically striped adjacent to motor traffic traveling in the same direction.

Class III - Include bike routes that designate a preferred route for bicyclists on streets shared with motor traffic not served by dedicated bikeways to provide continuity to the bikeway network.