Skate Park

Skate Park

For a video tour of this park, see here!

1021 Harvard Way (In Community Park)
Skateboards and Scooters are not allowed to be ridden anywhere else on campus except in the Skate Park. 

After a successful trial period, the District’s Skate Park will remain unattended but monitored by CSD staff.  Visitor behavior at the skate park (and surrounding areas) will continue to be monitored. We encourage skaters and visitors to respect the facility and follow all posted rules so that increased access to the facility can continue. The Skate Park will be open daily from 6:15am-9pm.

The Skate Park is Closed:

Rainy Days
If Equipment/Ground is Wet
Extreme Heat Days
Spare the Air/Poor Air Quality Days (AQI 150+)


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Skateboards and Scooters are not allowed to be ridden anywhere else on campus except in the Skate Park.

Skate Park Rules: 

• All injuries, whether major or minor, suffered at the Skate Park are to be reported to District staff.
• Skateboarding, scootering, and in-line skating are hazardous recreation activities that can create a substantial injury to a participant or spectator. Use of the Skate Park is at users' own risk.
• Riders 18 years and younger must wear helmets at all times while using the Skate Park.
• Any person 18 years old and younger failing to wear a helmet is subject to ejection.
• Riders 18 years and older are encouraged to wear a helmet.
• All Skate Park users are highly encouraged to wear elbow and knee pads.
• Riders 10 years old and younger must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian 18 years old or older.
• Spectators are welcome to use the benches provided on the outside of the Skate Park, but are not permitted within the designated Skate Park areas
• Skateboards, scooters, and inline skates are permitted.
• Bicycles or motorized vehicles are prohibited.
• Unauthorized pieces of equipment or obstacles are prohibited in the Skate Park area.
• Special events, instruction and/or contests are not permitted in the designated Skate Park without prior authorization from the District.
• No food, drink, or glass bottles in the designated Skate Park area
• Plastic water bottles are permitted.
• Climbing on or over the Skate Park fence is prohibited.
• No tobacco, alcohol, or drug use is allowed.
• Graffiti or tagging is prohibited.
• No amplified sound allowed.
• Except for authorized guide dogs and service animals, animals are prohibited in the Skate Park.
• Recklessness, horseplay, intimidation, hazing, fighting, profanity, harassment, derogatory comments or disrespect to District staff and/or other Skate Park users is prohibited.
• The Skate Park shall have fixed hours of use, which shall be posted at the Skate Park.
• No person shall use the Skate Park at times other than those posted at the Skate Park.
• In addition to other penalties specified herein, use of the Skate Park after posted hours or during a time of closure may result in a trespassing citation and denial of future use of the Skate Park.
• All persons entering, using, or remaining in any Skate Park must wear a shirt while on Skate Park property.
• No person shall skate on curbs, fences, railings, walls, benches, tables, and/or driveways of the District-owned area surrounding the Skate Park.
• Skate Park users shall be considerate of nearby businesses and residents in the surrounding neighborhood.
• District shall not be responsible for any personal belongings lost or stolen at the Skate Park
• The District reserves the right to eject anyone from the Skate Park at any time for any reason