Saratoga Park

saratoga PARK with Trail/Trail head/open space

Neighborhood Park
Size: 2.1 acres
Year Opened:
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Address: 401 Wilson Way., El Dorado Hills

Park Amenities and Highlights
  • 2-5 Years Old Play Area with Inclusive Play Elements
  • 5-12 Years Old Play Area with Inclusive Play Elements
  • Gravity Rail (connecting the playgrounds)
  • Poured in Place Surfacing on all three play areas
  • Grass Areas for informal recreation, play and picnics
  • Shade picnic tables 
  • 5 benches in the playground area
  • Restrooms with drinking fountain
  • Picnic Tables (6), benches (5) - 4 inch (2) and 6 inch (3)
  • Trash Cans (3)
  • Barbecue and bike rack
  • Lighted Parking Lot with 9 spaces
Trailhead Amenities
  • Small Parking Lot 
  • Shade Structure (20 foot)
  • Picnic Tables (2)
  • Bench (1)
  • Bike Fix-it Station
  • Bike Rack
Recreation Trail
  • .5 miles of Decomposed Granite (unpaved) and Cement Trail.
Landscaped Open Space
  • Dry Riverbed
  • Trees
  • Drought Tolerant Landscaping
Saratoga Park, Trailhead, Trail, and Open Space is located within the Saratoga Estates and within walking distance from Ridgeview, La Cresta, Crescent Ridge, and Park Villages. There is a small parking lot with 9 spaces at Saratoga Park, and street parking is not available. Parking is available at the Saratoga Trailhead on the corner of Saratoga Way and Saratoga Estate Drive. Abundant parking is also available at Peter Bertelsen Memorial Park (next to Brooks Elementary School) with a short walk to Platt Circle from the connecting trail just south of the south side of Deputy Jeff Mitchell Ball Field to take the Saratoga Recreation Trail to Saratoga Park.

Try out the Saratoga Recreation Trail (.5 miles) or the Saratoga Trailhead on the corner of Saratoga Way and Saratoga Estates Drive. Both are located a short distance from Saratoga Park and connect to the Promontory Trail. The Saratoga Recreation Trail connects Platt Circle through the Saratoga Estates to the Promontory Trail. The Saratoga Trailhead is the southern connection to the Promontory Trail which extends approximately 3 miles from Saratoga Estates on Saratoga Way to Promontory Park on Alexandra Drive; The trail head includes a small parking lot, shade structure and bike fix it station. The trail is available for hiking,  biking, and walking. There is not much shade on this trail, so bring lots of water. Dogs are allowed on least. The Promontory Trail and parts of Saratoga Recreation Trail are unpaved. 

Saratoga Park Map - Copy (2)

Saratoga Recreation Trail

If you witness vandalism at this park, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at 530-621-5655, and the CSD at 916-614-3231.