Utility Corridor Recreation Trail

Utility Corridor Trail
Updated as of 4/8/2024
Many El Dorado Hills residents already walk and bike this informal trail. It will become the District’s second recognized trail after the New York Creek Trail. The planned trail is approximately 1 mile in length and will begin on the west side of El Dorado Hills Boulevard, directly across from Stephen Harris Park, where it will intersect the heavily used County Class I path running alongside El Dorado Hills Boulevard. The trail will extend west through the corridor, continue down through treed open space with a pedestrian bridge covering a seasonal stream, create formal trail crossings across Hensley Circle and continue on to Beatty Drive. There is a short walk of .3 miles to reach Promontory Community Park.

The project trail improvements are between El Dorado Hills Boulevard and the west side of Hensley Circle - about 2,710 linear feet. Trail improvements will include clearing, grubbing, grading and realignment of the trail to reduce steepness and improve safety, resurfacing portions of the existing utility road/trail and top with base rock, construct and restore native soil trails, a 50 foot pedestrian/bike bridge with abutments over a stream channel with timber retaining wall, tree removal, rock slope protection, drainage, site stabilization, trail barriers (log fencing/post and cable fencing) to "direct" pedestrians and bikers, and two formalized road crossings (striping) with necessary signage at Hensley Circle East and West.

To learn more about the Districts' Trail System, click here.
Contact planning@edhcsd.org with any questions.

Project Status
Current Tasks
County Permitting (Building/Land Use/Transportation) per El Dorado County Planning and Building
Receive United States Army Core of Engineers (USACE) No Permit Required Correspondence for Bridge Crossing
Work with CDFW to determine and resolve permitting needs for trail Bridge Crossing over seasonal stream

Upcoming Milestones

CSD Releases an RFP for Construction
CSD Awards Construction Contract
Groundbreaking and construction begins
Trail Completion

Completed Milestones
April 2024
District meets with USACE regarding regarding Regulatory Compliance and requests "No Permitting Required" Letter.

December 2023
County determines that the project will require a Building Permit with Environmental Compliance Technical Memo as well as regulatory correspondence from state USACE and CDFW indicating that no environmental permitting is required for the project.

July 2023
Permit Application submitted to County- July 14, 2023
Completion of 100% Construction Drawings/Bid Set

June 2023
90% Construction Drawings
Final SMUD Review for Consent
Biological Resources and Environmental Compliance Technical Memo completed indicating that no federal environmental permitting requirements are required for project if bridge can span the OHWM.

May 2023
Received Comments from SMUD

March 2023
Received "no impact" letter from PG&E. 

February - March 2023
60% Drawings, Review Meetings with Utilities, Received Comments from PG&E

December 2022 - February 2023
60% Construction Drawings and Cost Estimate and Environmental Review for Environmental Permitting Requirements

October - November 2022
Survey and engineering work for Construction Drawings

September 2022

Kick off meeting  and site walk

August 11, 2022

Board awards professional services contract for construction drawings and permitting

Fall 2021
Environmental memo written by consultant for permitting and process requirements

mem_bio_wetland_edhcsd_beatty_edhblvd_fnl_202111012_Trail Alignment


Over the past year, District staff have been working on finalizing the District’s first Trail Map and Pocket Guide. The efforts have included gathering GIS data, working with area HOAs and residents to identify trails and pathways within the District’s Boundary and showing those connections that lead into the surrounding areas. The map is a foldable one- page guide intended to help the El Dorado Hills Community know about all the public routes. Next phases of the project include creation of an online interactive version. Click HERE to visit the District's Trails page.

Current Project Status

Upcoming Milestones
Fall 2024
Online interactive version

Completed Milestones
June 2022

Trail map available on District's Trails page

April 2022
CSD Board approved Trail Map and Pocket Guide at April 14, 2022 Board Meeting

March 2022
Parks and Planning Committee Review and forward Trail Map to Board at March 15, 2022 meeting