Bike Park and Bike Trails

Bike Parks Updated 4/8/2024
Volunteer Opportunity - New!
Community Clean Up Day at the Bike Trails Site: May 11, 2024 - 9 am - 12 pm -  Click here to Volunteer
Please join the District, in partnership with PG&E and SMUD to help with vegetation management and clean up the site of the future Powerline Park Bike Trails! Volunteers are invited to come out and help us clean up the site to get it ready for construction of the trails. This clean-up day will focus on vegetation management.

Background/History of Power Line Bike Park Trails:

The District's original bike park concept design at the Power Line Corridor was denied by PG&E and SMUD (the utilities) because of easement limitations on the property. The easement does not allow permanent structures or significant changes to the grade (e.g. dirt piling), as well as permanent utility access to towers. As a result, the District engaged in dialogue with the utilities regarding an alternative design and solicited for proposals for an "easement-friendly" design of trails at the Utility Corridor, as well as a new design concept for a bike park at an alternative district-owned site.  

The contract for the design for bike trails and the bike park was awarded to Hilride Progression Development Group LLC. Site visits, preliminary designs, and updated designs have been drafted, and presentations of these designs have been shared with the District's Parks and Planning Committee and the Board of Directors, as well as the utilities and the community stakeholders. Specifically, District Stakeholder Meetings with the bike community were held in September 2023 (9/19/23 and 9/26/23) to review and provide feedback on the draft concept designs at the two different locations. The feedback and updates to the design was was presented to the Parks and Planning Committee in October 2023 and the El Dorado Community Services District's Board of Directors at the November 2023 Board Meeting. The Board funded and approved the designs for both the bike trails and the bike park at the November 9, 2023 Board meeting.

Utility Communication
Partnership meetings were held throughout the summer and fall of 2023 with both PG&E and SMUD to share the District's vision and updated easement friendly designs to allow the District to use their land and the utilities to protect their infrastructure and purpose. The District has taken all of the utilities considerations into the design. Future partnership support between our organizations includes to a Power Line Bike Trails Community Clean-Up Day on May 11, 2024, and vegetation management, and pollinator and landscaping projects.

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Project Descriptions
Proposed Concept Designs
Current Project Status

Project Descriptions
Powerline Park - Bike Trails

The proposed Powerline Park Bike Trails project would construct approximately 1.46 miles of bike and multi-use trails and trail improvements across approximately 8.14 acres of project area and .75 acres of construction area. The project includes a rotary connection to 4 bike trails, which includes three flow trails with cross-over connections (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) and a Cross Country (XC) Trail (with optional skills features) that connects to a 750 LF pump track to the east and a loop trail to the west, viewing areas, and necessary signage. The design reflects the restrictions of the PG&E and SMUD easements on the land, which does not allow for permanent structures or grade changes.

The District applied for the Recreational Trails Project (RTP) Grant in 2023 to help pay for the pre-construction and construction costs of the Power Line Bike Trails. The RTP is a federal grant administered by the State Department of Parks, Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS). The District received a support letter for our application from Representative Tom McClintock and the Promise Foundation. The District was not awarded this highly competitive grant.

Silver Dove Bike Park
The proposed Silver Dove Way concept design would construct approximately 3 acres of freeride area, 1 acre of pump track, 1 acre of community area, 2.3 acres of nature trails with community orchard, .25 mile Fire Fighter Fitness Loop Trail across 9.79 acres of project area. The improvements include: 1) Multi-use Fitness Trails - designed for walkers, hikers, bikers and dogs on leash. 2) Multi-use Nature Exploration Interpretive Trails - designed with life sized interpretive animal signs and interpretive stations. This area also includes the Community Orchard with fruit trees and berry bushes along the nature trails that will provide incredible blooms in the spring, cool shade in the summer and fresh fruit and berries each season. 3) Bike Flow Trails - designed with berm turns, jumps and rollers for beginning, intermediate and advanced lever riders. 4) Multi-Use Asphalt Pump Track (1-Acre) - designed for bikes, skates, scooters, and roller blades. The proposed design also includes the following trailside amenities at the site: 1.) Park entrance road and parking areas for approximately 80 vehicles and hook-ups for food vendors; 2.) Restroom - prefabricated restroom building with four stalls. 3.) Three Community Shade Canopies and One Shade Structures.

Stakeholder Workshops on Draft Bike Park Designs
Both site locations draft concept designs were vetted by the community and key stakeholder groups at two workshops in September 2023 per the August 10, 2023 Board Meeting. The stakeholders suggested the following adjustments to the two concept designs listed below. As a result, below are the updated concept designs for both locations taking these suggestions into consideration. 

Workshop #1: September 19, 2023: Powerline Park Bike Trails Workshop: 
Intensify Features for Interest and Variety:
  • Add more trails
  • Add crossover connections between trails
  • Add spurs/offshoots on trails
  • Add optional skills to trails – such as rock piles and logs
  • Add additional loop
  • Make trails in the shape of an “s” and not a wiggle
Workshop #2: September 26, 2023: Silver Dove Bike Park Workshop: 
1. Make sure to have good focus on the green lines (beginner)
  • Add more beginner (green lines) and intermediate trails (blue lines)
  • Make a large “Green Zone” next to pump track with turn out options back to the pump track
  • Create “early out” on green lines so less climbing for small kids
  • More green/blue progression lines/less black
  • Add curves to the beginning and intermediate trails
  • Move black lines to the south of the park
2. Add skills areas to nature trail and/or fitness trail
3. Add wood or rock features to perimeter trails
4. Partner with Fire Department for parking and/or extended trail
5. Create a circuit trail of at least one mile with large start/finish area
6. Add table style jumps and not just rollers
7. Make pump track directional
8. Consider landscaping on south side/exposed side to lessen elements

A stakeholder follow-up meeting was held at the October 17, 2023 Parks and Planning Committee where the updated designs based on stakeholder and utility feedback were reviewed by the Committee Directors and the public in attendance. The designs were recommended by the Committee to be approved at the November 9, 2023 Board Meeting. The Board unanimously approved the designs and funding at the November 9, 2023 Board Meeting. Public participation of approximately 50 people in attendance and more than 12 members of the public of varying ages spoke in favor of the project.

Concept Designs - Two Locations - Updated as of 11/3/23
Powerline Image for Web - Copy
Silver Dove Image for Web2 - Copy

Projects' Status
Powerline Park Bike Trails 
Current Tasks
• Award of Contract by Board on 4/11/24 for Professional Services for Required Permitting (including CEQA analysis) 
• Staking Trails for Community Clean Up Day of Site - Thursday, May 2, 2004 from 1 pm - 5 pm on-site
• Community Clean Up Day of Site May 11, 2024 - 9 am - 12 pm -  Click here to Sign Up to Volunteer
• Ongoing coordination with SMUD and PG&E on updated designs and construction drawings at Utility Corridor
• Ongoing coordination with SMUD and PG&E on partnership projects (e.g. butterfly garden and community clean-up)
• Utilities' No Impact Letters and Final Approval of Designs/Construction Drawings issued to District

Upcoming Milestones
• Kick off meeting for professional services for Conditional Use Permit
Community Clean Up Day of Site May 11, 2024 - 9 am - 12 pm -  Click here to Sign Up to Volunteer
• Completion of Environmental Consulting Services for CUP
• District submits final CUP to El Dorado County Planning and Building
• Submission and approval of Conditional Use Permit by El Dorado County Planning and Building (including CEQA analysis)
• CSD Releases an RFP for Construction at Power Line Bike Trails
• CSD Awards Construction Contract at Power Line Bike Trails
• Groundbreaking and construction begins
• Grand Openings

Silver Dove Bike Park
Current Tasks
Award of Contract by Board for Professional Services and Construction Drawings at Silver Dove Bike Park
30% Construction Drawings Completed
90% Construction Drawings Completed
• Final Construction Drawings Completed

Upcoming Milestones
• CSD Releases an RFP for Construction at Silver Dove Bike Park
• CSD Awards Construction Contract at Silver Dove Bike Park
• Groundbreaking and construction begins
• Grand Openings

Completed Milestones for Both Bike Projects
April 8, 2024

Final Powerline Park Construction Drawings for County Permitting and Utility Review completed and submitted to Utilities  for final review.

March 19, 2024
Parks and Planning Committee reviews professional services proposals and approves recommendations for full Board to award professional services for the Conditional Use Permit work and Construction Drawings at Powerline Park and Silver Dove sites at April Board meeting.

January 2024
District reaches out to consultants for proposals for construction drawings at Silver Dove and Conditional Use Permit work at Powerline Park.

December 19, 2024
County Planning determines that Powerline Park requires a Conditional Use Permit.

November 9, 2023
Board unanimously approves updated bike park & bike trails designs and costs at 11/9/23 Board Meeting. Public participation of approximately 50 people in attendance and more than 12 members of the public of varying ages spoke in favor of the two projects.
Public Support Photo_2_use - Copy   Public Support Photo_7_use - Copy  Public Support Photo_8_use - Copy  Public Support Photo_4_use - Copy

October 17, 2023
Parks and Planning Committee reviewed design updates from stakeholder feedback from bike trails/park workshops and recommended the item be forwarded to the full Board for project approval.

September 26, 2023
Workshop #2: Bike Trails Stakeholder Outreach (Silver Dove) Bike PARK Concept Design Review
Silver Dove Web2 - Copy  Silver Dove Web3 - Copy  Silver Dove Web4 - Copy  Silver Dove Group Shot Web - Copy

September 19, 2023
Workshop #1: Bike Trails Stakeholder Outreach (Utility Corridor) Bike TRAILS Concept Design Review
Bike Trails Utility Corridor Workshop #1 IMG_8211_Nat working with Jack O'Neill and Grant Snyder IMG_8217_Workshop write up_Grant Snyder_Jack ONeill and Mike ONeal  Bike Trails2 Utility Corridor Workshop #1
Staking 1.5 miles of bike trails using the current Concept Design at the Utility Corridor on September 19, 2023
IMG_8170_use - Copy (2)  Bike Trails Utility Corridor Staking #2  Bike Trails Utility Corridor Staking #3  Bike Trails Utility Corridor Staking #4

September 14, 2023
Representative Tom McClintock supports District's Recreational Trails Program (RTP) Grant application requesting $425,135  (with a 12% District match) to assist in paying for the Bike Trails Project.

August 10, 2023
Board and Community reviewed two proposed Concept Designs at two locations. Directors Martinelli and Ferry sent the item back to the Parks and Planning Subcommittee of the Board before being approved by full Board. The request was to have community workshops with feedback on designs before meeting to review with the Subcommittee in October followed by the Board meeting in November. 

July 2023
Preliminary Concept Designs for two locations completed and presentation at June 20, 2023 Parks and Planning Committee.

Partnership meetings with SMUD and PG&E regarding Utility Corridor design and future opportunities initiated and are pending review and approval of concept design.

June 15, 2023
District applies for the Recreational Trails Project (RTP) Grant to help pay for 88% of Bike Trails Project, as described using original concept draft. Notifications of awards are expected in January 2024.

May - June 2023
Preliminary Concept Designs for two locations completed and presentation at June 20, 2023 Parks and Planning Committee.

March 2023

Site visits with consultant for new bike trails and bike park design proposals for two sites; Utility corridor site to include easement limitations for review and discussions with Utilities.

January - February 2023
Design proposals received; Staff analysis and designer awarded proposal.

November - December 2022

District solicits for additional bike design proposals for design at two locations.

October 2022
District requested an 851 CPUC Filing by PG&E to consider altering the easement requirements. Request was denied. 
District looking into feasibility and design concept for alternative site.

March 2022
Staff met with El Dorado County regarding design and zoning questions.