Proposed Bike Park

Updated 5/1/23

The District's original concept design was denied by PG&E and SMUD because of their easement limitations on the property. As a result, the District is engaged in dialogue with the utilities regarding alternative designs, and is soliciting for additional proposals for design. Additionally, the District is looking into the feasibility and design concept for an alternative site.

Current Project Status
Upcoming Milestones
New Preliminary Bike Trails Design for Utility Corridor and Bike Park Design for Alternative Location
Coordination with utilities (SMUD and PG&E) on updated concept design
Board and Community Review of Design Proposals
Coordination with El Dorado County Planning and Transportation on updated concept design

Completed Milestones
March 2023
Site visits with consultant for new bike trails and bike park design proposals to include easement limitations for review and discussions with Utilities.

October 2022
District requested an 851 CPUC Filing by PG&E to consider altering the easement requirements. Request was denied. 
District looking into feasibility and design concept for alternative site.

March 2022
Staff met with El Dorado County regarding design and zoning questions.