Fairchild Park

Fairchild Park
Type: Neighborhood Park
Size: 2.46 acres
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Fairchild Park is a peaceful neighborhood park, nestled within Fairchild Village on Brackenwood Place. 


  • Natural Turf
  • Children's Play Structure
  • Paved and Gravel Paths
  • Large Oak Trees
  • Picnic Table
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Indian Grinding Rocks


In addition to large areas of gently sloping turf and a children's play structure, .75 acre of this park is dedicated as a permanent preserve for a set of historic Indian Grinding Rocks. 28 mortar holes are clearly visible in the rocks, and were created by many years of repeated use by early Native American peoples.

Fairchild Park Grinding Rocks Sign                       Fairchild Park Grinding Rocks

If you witness vandalism at this park please contact the Sheriff’s Department at 530-621-5655, and the CSD at 916-614-3231.