Adult Sports

Adult Sports Classes
Drop-In Pickleball
Ages 18+
Pickleball is played on a badminton size court and primarily played doubles with a partner. The game is fast paced, and a great cardio workout. Our facility is air conditioned, very welcoming
and everyone loves teaching “newbies” to the sport. For more information call:  (916)614-3227.
Tuesdays and Thursdays
$5 per person or $20 for a 5 visit punch card
Closes for season on May 30th. Opens for season on September 3rd.
Location: CSD Gym, 1021 Harvard Way

Pickleball Lessons
Instructor: Doug Koch
Learn the rules of pickleball, techniques for executing shots
involving serves, returns, volley, dinks and strategies. Both beginner and intermediate lessons available.
Location: CSD Gym, 1021 Harvard Way

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SA ShotoKan Karate
Ages 6+
Instructor: Paul Charnow
Location: CSD Gym Exercise Room
This Japanese style of karate provides students a healthy balance between physical exercise and mental discipline. This results in improved coordination, focus, and self-confidence. This class accommodates all student levels from beginner to black belt. Each new student will be supplied a Gi to wear in class.   Online Registration is not available online for our Karate program. To register, please call 916-933-6624 (ext. 0) or email

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Bocce Classes
Ages 13+
Instructor: Carl Renner
Location: Promontory Community Park

Intro to Bocce Ball
Learn rules, scoring, strategy, terminology, court courtesy and actual game play.

Bocce Ball Strategies
Refine your skills in blocking, lagging, bumping, and shooting. Get the big picture on the court to know what strategies to use and how to execute them.

Practice to Win
Who likes losing? You’ve heard the adage “Practice Makes Perfect” now learn how to organize practice sessions that will translate into improved play and hopefully victories in matches. Topics include: setting your line-up and order of play, team chemistry, seeing verses perceiving match situations, practice drills, player communication and critiquing  each player or team in a simulated game.

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Adult Sports leagues
The El Dorado Hills Community Services District offers adult sports year-round, depending on the season. Leagues are for adults, ages 18+ and include game balls, certified officials and awards for league champions. Registration is limited in the  number of teams per league on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Once maximum numbers are reached, registration closes.

Bocce Ball League -  In person Registration opens on Monday, 7/1 at 8am.

Location: Promontory Community Park
Teams must have a minimum of 5 players. Fee is per person. 

AM - 9am & 10:30am
PM - 6pm & 7:30pm

6pm & 7:30pm


6pm & 7:30pm

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Adult 5x5 Basketball

Location: Gym
Summer League: Sudays 6/30-8/18
Fall League: Sundays 9/8-11/3

Teams play weekly games followed by play-offs for the top four teams the final week.
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Schedules, Standings, & Rules

Adult Softball

Location: Promontory Community Park
Teams play weekly games followed by playoffs for the top four teams.
Tuesday (Men's Lower) : 8/27
Wednesday (Coed) : 8/28
Thursday (Men's Upper) : 8/29
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Schedules, Standings & Rules

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