Oakridge Landscape Lighting & Assessment District

Oakridge Landscape Lighting & Assessment District

Oakridge LLAD is having a public outreach meeting on July 31, 2024 at 6:30 pm in the Pavilion at 1021 Harvard Way. Please join the District for a productive conversation about this LLAD.

Historical Formation Number 3
CSD Accounting Fund Number 23
Engineer's Report Number 5
County Assessor Tax Code 64307

EDHCSD Resolution Number: 90-13

Oakridge Village LLAD improvements are located South of Harvard Way between El Dorado Hills Blvd. and Oakridge High School, backing up to the Archery Range.

Improvements include:

  • Landscaping and irrigation – 38,410 square feet (SF).
  • Streetlights – ten (10).
  • Stucco wall – 25,522 square feet (SF).
  • Asphalt pedestrian walkway – 35,000 square feet (SF).
Oakridge Stantec Map Only

2021 Underfunded LLAD Engagement Quick Links

General LLAD History
Oakridge (LLAD #23) Assessment Information
Ballot and Q&A Virtual Session Information

May 11, 2921 Q&A Virtual Session Presentation
Q&A from May 11, 2021 Virtual Session
Proposition 218 Notification of Proposed Assessment Change


The El Dorado Hills Community Services District (District) last engaged with owners of the Oakridge LLAD #23 in late 2019/early 2020 regarding the non-inflationary factor and underfunded status of your LLAD. Due to COVID, the District’s continued outreach was delayed. The District is now reengaging to notify owners of an upcoming vote by mail ballot to address the status of your LLAD. Ballots will be mailed no later than May 28, 2021. A sample ballot can be found here.

Resolution No. 2021-06 Declaring Its Intent to Increase the Per Parcel Assessment for the Oakridge Landscape and Lighting Assessment District No. 3 (5/13/2021)

Information regarding the background and details of your LLAD are outlined below.

The District began this process back in January 2018, hosting a meeting for the owners of El Dorado Hills who pay into District-managed Landscape and Lighting Assessment Districts (LLADs), specifically those formed without an annual inflationary factor.

In response to questions received during the January meeting, the District held individual meetings in late 2019/early 2020 with each of the four (4) LLADs without an inflationary factor and are in an underfunded status. Since those meetings, the District has updated its Cost Allocation and Asset Reserve Studies, and are re-engaging owners to finalize addressing the condition of their LLAD.

An LLAD is a funding mechanism, assessed by a levy on parcels, and created to financially assist local governments, such as the District, in providing the administration, operations and maintenance of assets within a defined boundary. Between the late 1980s and mid-1990s, the District formed several LLADs to fund the improvements, operations and maintenance of assets throughout El Dorado Hills, such as irrigation and landscape areas, street lights, fencing, entry monuments, and a variety of other park and open space facilities. The assets and funds associated with the LLADs are individually tracked within the District’s budget and reported on an annual basis.

OAKRIDGE (LLAD #23) Assessment Information

Oakridge (“LLAD #23”) was formed in 1995 and is comprised of a number of assets and maintenance areas including:
• Landscaping and irrigation – 38,410 square feet
• Streetlights – Ten (10)
• Stucco wall – 25,522 square feet
• Asphalt pedestrian walkway – 35,000 square feet

At the time of formation, an inflationary factor, also referred to as a Consumer Price Index (“CPI”), was not incorporated into the assessment to fund future increasing costs related to the operations and maintenance for the above referenced assets. For the past 26 years, this has resulted in a “flat” or “level” assessment (current maximum assessment is $289.44) to the parcels within Oakridge LLAD #23. The major factors supporting the need to include an inflationary adjustment in an LLAD assessment are related to the rising costs for materials, utilities, labor, etc. The exclusion of this inflationary factor has contributed to insufficient funding of the LLAD.

If LLAD #23 had been created with an inflationary factor, similar to other LLADs in the District, the maximum assessment would have increased from $289.44 in 1995 to $567.57 in 2020, an annual increase associated to the CPI, which ranged from 0.7% and 5% during that period of time. Based on current market costs and the condition of current assets needing replaced, the proposed maximum rate to be assessed is $767.78*. This assessment would not provide the immediate funding to replace the existing stucco perimeter wall due to the current cost for materials and construction.

Ballot and Q&A Virtual Session Information

The following options will be made available by mail ballot:

OPTION 1 (recommended)
Oakridge owners agree to the recommended assessment and inflationary increase to their current assessment to meet the operations and maintenance needs, up to the proposed maximum rate of $767.78.*

Oakridge owners do not approve an inflationary increase. With this option, decreased operations and maintenance, and potential removal of assets will be necessary based on available budget.

Owners organize a Homeowners Association (HOA) and dissolve the LLAD completely. With this dissolution, the HOA would be required to manage and provide maintenance services to the area. Should the Oakridge owners opt to absorb maintenance operations into a newly formed HOA, formation of a “shell LLAD” would be required to ensure that if the HOA were to fail, the District has the ability to activate the LLAD to fund maintenance operations. 

Oakridge LLAD is one of several in this same position, where an inflationary factor was not included and funding is limited. Current regular operations and maintenance costs for LLAD #23 averages $16,000-$29,000 annually. In addition to regular annual maintenance, the District also refers to the “Browning Reserve Study”, a deferred maintenance report to identify and schedule repair and/or replacement of the assets within the LLAD.

Several scheduled repairs and/or replacement of assets have not occurred due to the present inability to increase the assessment to match the funds needed to perform that work. The current list of assets and cost for these improvements are outlined in the table below:

Reserve Component (Asset) Budget
Irrigation Parts  $1,396
Asphalt Resealing 35,000 FT of Pedestrian Walkway $4,305
Walkways 838 FT of Pedestrian Walkway $12,380
Stucco 25,522 SF Seal/Paint Wall  $25,625*
Irrigation Misc. (valves, sprinklers)  $1,296
Tree Maintenance Perimeter $3,275
Plant Replacement Perimeter/Road Island $1,365
Masonry Wall 25,522 SF CMU/Stucco $63,805*
Masonry Wall Ongoing Maintenance $6,823
Pilaster Perimeter Wall $5,459
Monument Woedee & Tah Nee (3) $14,329
Shared Cost of Maintenance Vehicle $1,388

ORV_Entry   ORV Entry & Landscaping

ORV Pathway   ORV Wall

ORV Wall (2)   ORV Median

ORV Landscaping  ORV Landscaping (2)

Directing District General funds towards backfilling the “underfunded” LLADs is not an equitable way to resolve the issue, as it causes a reduction in funding used for other District-wide obligations.

The District is seeking resolution to properly address the LLADs that are insufficiently funded. To assist in this process, your participation in the upcoming vote by mail ballot is requested. Ballots will be mailed no later than May 28, 2021.

Q & A Virtual Session for Oakridge LLAD
May 11, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom
Call In Number 1 (669) 900-6833

The District looks forward to working together with our owners. The outcome of your vote will help determine how the future of the LLAD will be maintained.