Valley View LLAD

Valley View Landscape Lighting Assessment District

Historical Formation Number 30
CSD Accounting Fund Number 50
Engineer's Report Number 38
County Assessor Fund Number 20378

EDHCSD Resolution Number: 2007-08

The Valley View LLAD is located in the Blackstone subdivision in southern El Dorado Hills. This LLAD includes several park sites, however, only one park has been built to-date. LLAD members are not assessed for improvements that have not been developed/installed.

The Valley View Sports Park is built to include a lit parking lot; restrooms; one (1) playground with an outdoor pavilion area close by, which includes picnic tables and a drinking fountain as well as ADA access throughout the park. A bermuda soccer and baseball field allows local sports leagues to utilize this LLAD. Much of the Valley View Sports Park includes irrigated areas for plants and turf but also includes an oak woodland.

The second park site, Blackstone Village Park (aka Valley View Village Park South), is currently under construction. The park will include two (2) playgrounds with inclusive elements, poured in place surfacing and shade covers, Pavilion with picnic tables, barbeque, one (1) restroom building, a meandering walk path/trail with exercise nodes, an off-street lighted parking lot, turf area, irrigation, interpretive signage, decorative fencing, retaining walls, drainage culvert, access bridge to parking lot, and open space wetlands.

The Valley View LLAD Valley View Sports Park includes:

  • Multi-use sports fields – two (2).
  • Covered picnic pavilion (1).
  • Play structures (1).
  • Concrete paths.
  • Restroom (1).
  • Fabric shade coverings – eight (8).
  • Lighted on-site parking.

The Blackstone Village Park (aka Valley View Village Park South) includes:

  • Turf area (1).
  • Covered picnic pavilion.
  • Barbeque (1)
  • Drinking Fountain (1).
  • Play structures (2).
  • Poured in place playground surfacing.
  • Fabric shade coverings – two (2).
  • Interpretive signage (6).
  • Concrete paths.
  • Restroom (1).
  • Exercise/fitness nodes.
  • Decomposed granite walkpath/trail.
  • Lighted on-site parking.