Stonegate LLAD

Stonegate Landscape Lighting Assessment District

Historical Formation Number 1
CSD Accounting Fund Number 20
Engineer's Report Number 20
County Assessor Fund Number 20597

EDHCSD Resolution Number: 87-8

Stonegate Village LLAD improvements are located along Harvard Way and Silva Valley Road up to the Power Lines North of Netherdale Dr. The LLAD improvements also include the Stonegate Village entrance on St. Andrews Drive.

A map of the Stonegate LLAD area can be found here.

Assets include:

  • Landscaping – 87,000 feet (FT) of trees, shrubs, drip irrigation system.
  • Streetlights – two (2).
  • Walkways – 34,628 square feet (SF) of concrete walkways along Harvard Way and Silva Valley Road.
  • Other – firebreak within the adjacent portion of New York Creek (annually).