Bass Lake B LLAD

Bass Lake B Landscape lighting assessment district

Historical Formation Number 16
CSD Accounting Fund Number 45
Engineer's Report Number 13
County Assessor Fund Number 20372

EDHCSD Resolution Number: 1997-98

Bass Lake Village B LLAD is located within the Woodridge subdivision just off Bass Lake Road in Eastern El Dorado Hills. This LLAD includes 41,732 square feet of irrigated trees, plants and turf. Two lighted signs welcome residents at the neighborhood entry, as well as a 462 lineal foot split face block retaining wall that stretches the distances of the landscaped neighborhood entry, with an additional 173 lineal feet of tubular steel fencing. On the north side of Bass Lake Road. The District also oversees the maintenance and inspections of 16 light poles throughout the neighborhood LLAD. 

El Dorado County Department of Transportation (DOT) began the process of widening Bass Lake Road in fall 2020 and completed the project in summer 2021. As a result the list of assets below has been updated to reflect the changes due to the project.

Assets include:

  • Landscaping and irrigation – 22,445 square feet (SF).
  • Tubular steel fencing – 360 lineal feet (LF).
  • Concrete header – six inch (6”) wide by 387 lineal feet (LF).
  • Monument entry signs – two (2).
  • Masonry wall – 1,042 lineal feet (LF).
  • Median at Madera Parkway – 800 square feet (SF).
  • Median to be replaced by County at completion of road widening project.
  • Stone pilasters – (15) pilasters 3’ (FT) by 3’ (FT) by 6.5’ (FT).
  • Landscape lighting system (Landscape lighting to be replaced at completion of road widening project. Any changes in quantities will be accounted for and reflected in the budget and Engineers Report.)
  • Streetlights – (11).