Park, Project & Facility Updates

New York Creek Trail Project:

District staff is gathering information for upcoming stakeholder meetings regarding proposed improvements to the New York Creek trail.  Information includes appropriate trail maintenance practices, resource protection measures and determining public and private property lines along the New York Creek corridor.  Survey work for property lines begins on Tuesday, March 28 and will continue through most of the week.  The community will be notified about future community meetings via email. If you're interested in taking part, please send your email address to  At this time the project is on hold pending stakeholder meetings, updating the Board of Directors on the results of those meetings, and further direction from the Board.
nyc split trail

Archery Range Split-Rail Fence Community Partnership Project

The first sections of the split-rail fence have started going up, compliments of the El Dorado Hills Fire Department.  This project, which will continue through late April, is designed to replace the old wire fencing along the boundary of the archery range.  In the coming weeks additional sections of fencing will be built by volunteers from business and community organizations within the El Dorado Hills community.  Many thanks to participants, including the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, El Dorado Hills Bowmen, Blue Shield of California,  El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills, Oak Ridge High School Interact Club, and Eagle Scout candidates Jacob Bassett, Aldo Ramirez, Brenden Groess, Tyler Kramer, Jacob Lay, Ethan Nisbet, and Nathan McCauley. (Pictured below:  members of EDH Fire A Shift, March 1, 2017.)
archery range fence 1

Phase 3 North Commercial Capital Improvement Project

The phase 3 north commercial capital improvement project is now 80% complete.  To finish the project, shrubs and trees will soon be planted and bark will be spread.
north commercial 1

north commercial 2

north commercial 3

north commercial 4

Community Park Playground Shade

On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, crews replaced the existing shade canopy over the large playground at the Community Park with a new canopy due to the damage it had sustained over the last 15 years. The canopy was replaced in a timely manner with little disruption to normal activities.
playground shade 1

playground shade 2

Jeff Mitchell Field Baseball Painted

Park Maintenance staff and contractors have been working tirelessly preparing for the upcoming baseball season which begins in a matter of weeks. Park and field improvements have taken priority as winter will soon turn to spring. Oak Hills Painting out of El Dorado Hills has just completed a painting project that has brought these concrete baseballs back to life just in time for the season to begin. The painting was very tedious due to the amount of detail that the project included but was completed quickly and on schedule.
painted baseball

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