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New York Creek Connector Bridge Progress

The New York Creek connector bridge has been progressing well. This new bridge will provide access to pedestrians and bicyclist to and from Silva Valley Parkway and Tam O'Shanter Drive.
2019 new york creek connector bridge preview1

2019 new york creek connector bridge preview2


Notice of 2019 Sustainability Project:

El Dorado Hills Community Services District is beginning a sustainability project within the next six week to provide solar and LED lighting upgrades to District parks and facilities.
El Dorado Hills Community Park will have new Solar Shade Parking Structures, Solar Thermal at Community Pool, and LED lighting upgrades. Promontory Community Park will have Solar Shade Structures and LED lighting Upgrades. LED Lighting Upgrades will also take place at Oak Knoll Park, Jeff Mitchell Field, Lake Forest Park, Overlook Park, Stephen Harris Park, Governor Park, Kalithea Park, Bertelsen Park, and Art Weisberg Park. This project will save electricity costs and a reduction of 15,000 tons of Green House Gas. 
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The parking lot between the Norm Rowett Pavilion and Teen Center will continue to stay closed. This is to allow accessibility for the construction vehicles. The loop is open only for Fire Department and School Bus access only.

Sustainability Project Updates:

February 11 - 15:
The remaining pillars will be placed and arms will be installed at Community Park and Promontory Community Park. If weather permits, underground work will be completed.
Please plan on the areas between the Norm Rowett Pavilion and Teen Center to stay closed as it has been during the day, to allow for trenching and accessibility for the construction vehicles, leaving the loop open for the Fire Department and school bus access only.No parking will be available in this area until Friday. The Harvard entrance will continue to be closed between 10:00 PM - 8:30 AM, Monday through Friday, to allow parking to be available for our patrons and other scheduled activities.

February 4-8:
A significant amount of steel pillars were erected in both parks as well as the extensions where the solar panels will be placed. Underground work was delayed due to the weather. The pool pump room was plumbed and is ready to accept thermal when that portion of the project is complete. More work includes preparing the thermal equipment at the pool pump room for connection.

January 28 - February 1:
The remaining piers were poured, inspections were made and passed, and steel began being erected throughout the EDH Community Park and Promontory Community Park. A large portion of trenching and conduit was also completed.

January 21-25:
Drilling concluded at both community parks for the pillars, and cages were set for pouring the last 12 piers. Cutting and trenching also began at the parking lot next to Norm Rowett Pavilion. The last delivery of steel was received.

January 14-18:
Contractors work was delayed due to weather resulting in only 2 ½ days of work to be completed. Six semi-truck loads of stell was delivered and the final round of rock drilling was completed on the remaining holes at both promontory Community Park and Community Park. Forming of the bases were set in preparation for pouring concrete. PG&E capped the gas line on Harvard Way to allow for the remaining work to be done at the pool.

January 7-11:
There were 18 more concrete bases poured at Community Park. Promontory Community Park was prepped with shrub removal and drilled for the concreated bases to be poured. More groundwater was found and pumped.

January 2-4:
Despite the wet weather, drilling continued and pouring concrete for the bases began.

December 24 - January 1:

December 17-21:
Drilling continued from the previous week at Community Park. It was discovered that several areas had high groundwater and rock. This was worked through and only caused a short delay.

December 10-14:
Equipment for the project arrived, pillars were marked, curbs were cut and drilling began.

December 3-7:
This was the first week
of work for the Sustainability Project. EnPro removed trees and areas were marked for drilling.





2019 solar project1

2019 solar project2

New York Creek Trail - Capital Improvement Project:

Advance Construction Notification
Information and updates will be continually added.
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Click here for information on New York Creek Trail Phase 1



On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, electrostatic painting was completed by Magna-Kote Painting at Kalithea Park on the tubular steel fencing surrounding the west side of the park.

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